How To Make a Scarecrow Costume

Whatever your age, a good costume party is still one of the most entertaining ways to gather around with family and friends while letting the kid in you roam and enjoy. There are hundreds of characters that you can choose from when it comes to costumes. But one of the most endearing costumes of all time is the scarecrow costume. Here are the steps to creating your own scarecrow costume.

Patch the overalls. The basic idea behind the scarecrow is a patched up mannequin designed to chase birds away, especially in the past when birds picked on farm produce and crops. Because the scarecrow is a patched up figure, the easiest way to recreate the look is by taking overalls or jumpers and adding patches of cloth. Take old shirts and cut the fabric into squares. As much as possible, use a variety of fabrics, to give the scarecrow outfit a haphazard look. Match various fabrics such as plain cottons in various colors, flannels, and even wool if you have old wool clothes that you no longer use. To attach these patches, use fabric glue or sew on the patches into the overalls.

Add the raffia. The original scarecrow is made up of straw. To recreate this, you need to take raffia. Raffia is a palm plant whose leaves can be stripped to shreds to create the appearance of hay. Unlike hay, however, raffia is used actually used to create traditional fabrics and is safer on the skin and will less likely irritate you. Attach the raffia on the cuffs off the overalls, on your collar, and the pockets. This will make the costume look stuffed with hay. You can also ball up some handkerchiefs and let them bulge inside the overalls, to look as if uneven lumps of hay are inside the costume.

Add details on the accessories. The key accessory for the scarecrow costume is the brim hat. To make the hat look even more realistic, you can attach raffia strands under the brim. Use glue to keep the raffia in place. Old silk flowers are also useful in decorating the brim hat. In between the flowers, you can add more raffia strands. Another accessory that is frequently used with the scarecrow is the flannel shirt. Add a few patches on the flannel shirt to make it look run down.

Finish off with good costume make up. Finally, finish off the costume by adding appropriate make up on your face. Work on the eyes by adding dark shadows. Keep in mind that the scarecrow is not particularly designed to be beautiful. Add a few more splotches of dark make up on the cheekbones and around the jaw line to recreate the tattered look that most scarecrows have. You can add lines on the lips to make it look as if the lips were sewn into place. You can also add raccoon-like eye shadow.

Through these steps, you can recreate the scarecrow look yourself. With the scarecrow costume, you no longer have to deal with expensive pre-made costumes. All the parts are also readily available in your own home.


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