How To Make a Shepherd Costume for Toddlers

Are you working on a Christmas play or preparing on a Bible skit?  Are you thinking of dressing some toddlers to perform as shepherds in any of those presentations?  Well, your idea is definitely “cute.” Just imagine those toddlers in their diminutive outfits. Your audience is going to fall in love with them.

But don’t worry. Your “cute” idea is easy to execute. The shepherd costume for your toddlers can be done in two interesting ways. First, you can decide not to sew the costumes. That is quicker to accomplish and your cost is comparatively more minimal. Second, you can opt to sew them. The sewn costumes can be reused a number of times, year after year. Also, they are relatively more polished-looking when seen on stage.

Here are the instructions on how you can make those shepherd costumes for toddlers:

  • The no-sew version. The real advantage of this option rests on your available time. If you want to finish everything in such a short time, go for this. Begin by looking for an appropriate old T-shirt for an adult. Then, find the T-shirt’s center front. Make a slit there. Cut it all the way through.
    Ask one of the toddlers to wear the t-shirt. He should put it on like a robe. He should let the two front sides to overlap. Get a rope. Cut it into a long piece. Tie it around the toddler’s waist.
    Look for a piece of fabric or a small towel. Place it on the toddler’s head. See to it that the end of the fabric or the towel is slightly covering his forehead. Allow the rest of the fabric or the towel to hang down on his back.
    After that, source a headband. It should be elastic. Place it on the toddler’s forehead and eventually, around his head’s back. It should firmly hold the fabric or the towel in place.
  • The sewn version. Go to a nearby craft or fabric store. Ask for their available patterns. There should be one for a long shirt or for a small robe. Buy it. In case there is nothing available in the craft or fabric store, you can scan some pattern catalogs. Most of the time, they allot a section for costumes. Use what you can source.
    Based on your available pattern, estimate how much fabric is necessary so you can complete the costume. It is important that you purchase enough. Follow the instructions indicated on the package.
    Fold your fabric. That should allow you to cut a piece of the robe’s back, two pieces of the robe’s front, and two sleeves. Position the back and front pieces together. Sew them. Make the seams along the sides and the shoulders. Hem the front edges and the neckline of the robe. Then, go to the sleeve. Fold it and then, work on the underarm. Once the sleeve is finished, pit it directly to the armhole and proceed to sew. Ask the toddler to fit or to try on the side that you finished. Check out if the length is OK. Adjust if it is necessary. Simply cut off any excess fabric. Hem the end of sleeve and the bottom. Repeat the previous steps to work on the other side of the robe. Finish the touch by tying a rope on the waist and setting the head covering.

If you want to recycle or reuse the robes in your next event, don’t make them too tight.


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