How To Make a Silk Kimono

You always remember Asian women for their long, beautiful silk kimonos. You can't help but imagine yourself wearing one. But when you rush to a nearby department store, you just end up frustrating yourself. Those silk kimonos are rarely available. And worse, once you have learned where to buy a great piece, the price tag is too much.

Now, if you are really serious about wearing a silk kimono, you can make one on your own. If you can operate a sewing machine and if you can follow simple instructions, then, your problem is already solved. Read on:

  • Get a measuring tape. Throw it around your torso. Measure the part that is the thickest. Then, add 10” to that. Write down the number and divide it by 2. The result determines the ideal width for your center panels. For example, if the thickest part of your torso measures 36" and you add 10", your total is 46". When you divide that by 2, the width of your center panels is set at 23".
  • Determine the length of your kimono. You can do that by measuring from your shoulder to your ankle.
  • Next are your sleeve panels. You can get the width by stretching your arm. Keep it straight. Begin measuring from your shoulder’s tip up to your knuckles’ edge. Calculate the length by doubling the width. Simply put, if the width is 16", the length is 32". Eventually, understand that you have to connect your sleeve panels. You can work that out by having a fold right at the top.
  • Set up your working table. Bring out your silk cloth and lay it out there. Proceed by folding it in half. Do it lengthwise. Continue by marking out one of your sleeve panels. From the fold, measure the width. After that, go straight down to account for the length. Use some pins so you can put together the two sides and cut out.
  • Repeat Step 4 to work on your second sleeve panel.
  • Attend to your torso panels after working on your sleeve panels. Again, lay your silk cloth on your working table. Fold it in half. Again, lengthwise. Check out the width first. Use pins to mark your silk cloth. Do it on both sides. Refer to Step 1 so you can properly mark your torso’s length. Make sure that your silk cloth is not sliding. You can handle that by pinning every 6". End this step by cutting the panels out.
  • Attach the sleeves to the torso. Use pins. Carefully align the fold. The right sides should be kept together. Fashion a long seam to sew them. The seam should be at least ½" width on both sides.
  • Check out the bottom of each sleeve. Hem it evenly.
  • Fold your kimono – lengthwise, in half. Afterward, work on the seams. Sew up everything – from top to bottom. Don’t forget to leave an opening, at least 10". It should be right on top of your sleeve hole. Repeat the same to finish the other side.
  • Finish your kimono by cutting an opening right in front, top center. It should be T-shaped and about 12" wide. Meanwhile, the front slit should be at least 6". Hem or slip stitch, if necessary.

So, when are you going to wear your own silk kimono?


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