How To Make a Simple Beaded Necklace

Accessories can readily make your outfit more attractive and fashionable. And one of the accessories that you can have is a simple beaded necklace. No, you don’t have to buy it. It is certainly more fun if you challenge yourself to design and make your own. It is a little project that can easily be pulled off even by a first-timer like you. Here are your instructions:

  • Source your materials. Visit to your community craft store and get a beading wire, some seed beads, two acrylic beads (clear and large pieces), a blue button (shiny), and a piece of jewelry clasp. Of course, you don’t need to buy anything if you already have some old beaded necklaces that you wish to recycle.
  • Prepare your beading wire. Measure your neck area. Determine how loose you want your beaded necklace to be. Then, cut your beading wire according to your measurement. On the average, a good beaded necklace is between 16" and 20".
  • Attach your blue button. Insert your beading wire through your blue button. (You can always use other available colors for shiny buttons. For this project, blue seems appropriate.)  Place your blue button right at the center. Next are your clear acrylic beads. Since they are large enough, they can hold your blue button in its position at the center. Insert your first clear acrylic bead through the right end of your beading wire. Meanwhile, let your second clear acrylic bead go through the left end. In short, use your two clear acrylic beads to “sandwich” your blue button.
  • Add your seed beads. Begin inserting them first through the right end of your beading wire. It is fine if your seed beads are all in one color. Since you are using a blue button as your center piece, it is best if your seed beads are also blue or any complementary hue. If you are adventurous enough, you can dare yourself to play with colors and combinations. Just make sure that the pattern you created in the right end of your beading wire is matched by the pattern in the left end.
  • Affix your jewelry clasp. Get a pair of pliers. Use it so you can fashion a knot and then, connect your jewelry clasp on the right and the left ends of your beading wire. If you want to secure both knots, put a small dash of your jewelry glue. And presto! Your simple beaded necklace is ready!

You can try doing two or three more pieces to find out if your basic skills are already reliable. If you can do more, that’s even better. You can create as many pieces as you want. Base your design on your existing wardrobe. If you feel that you have enough pieces, you can surprise your family and your friends by sharing with them some of your creations. And if your pieces are well-liked, you can decide to sell them. You can readily make good money. Once you have mastered your basic beading skills, strive to learn more complex techniques so your pieces become interesting and one-of-a-kind.


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