How To Make a Simple Minimalist Wardrobe

Many people find that their wardrobes have become entirely too complicated and are now filled with pieces which are never even worn. Seeking to make your wardrobe a minimalist one is a wise decision, and one which will allow you to streamline and shape up your clothes choices.

To begin building your new minimalist wardrobe, it is best to start with list-making. There are several important basic pieces which any wardrobe should have, and you will need to make a list of those which you already own.

Step one:
Take a hard look at your current wardrobe. What you are looking for are the basic pieces upon which you can later expand. First, search out black, tan, or navy pants, blazer jackets, and skirts of a classic cut. Blue jeans of a non-trendy but attractive style are also good items to keep, as are simple silk or cotton shirts which will coordinate with pants and skirts. When you locate such pieces, set these aside since they can help as you put together your minimalist wardrobe.

Step two: Begin writing your list. The list should be based on needs, not wants. You need at least three pairs of pants, three skirts, two or three blazers or suit jackets, two pairs of blue jeans or casual pants, and a minimum of six to ten coordinating shirts. Which of these items have you already found in your own wardrobe? Make a note of what you have, and begin another list of what you still need.  It is important to be strict, even ruthless, when making decisions on what you still must buy: remember, the important thing here is to make a minimalist wardrobe rather than randomly adding to your clothing pile.

Step three: Simplifying your wardrobe can be an especially rewarding experience with this step: shopping to fill in the gaps is easy since you know precisely what you need. Since you are going to purchase only the most simple and classic pieces, it is possible to shop either online or in person as long as you focus on quality and longevity. It is vital that you take your list of needs with you and adhere to it as you make your minimalist wardrobe choices.

When you make the decision to pare down your overflowing wardrobe and keep it simple, it can be a very freeing decision - and a very rewarding one as well!


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