How To Make a Snoopy Paper Mache Mask

Whether you are using it for trick or treating during Halloween or for a children’s costume party, creating a paper mache mask is something to consider because of how easy it to make. Yes, even creating a paper mache mask of everyone’s beloved cartoon character, Snoopy, is easy provided that you have the right materials and these very basic and simple steps to follow.

  • Gather the materials. When creating a paper Mache, you will need the following:
        • A balloon.
        • Strips of old newspapers about 5 to 8 inches in length.
        • Paper Mache paste (you can purchase or make it).
        • Sheets of plastic wrap.
        • Acrylic paints.
        • An image of snoopy (since this what you will be basing the mask on).

  • Blow the balloon up. Before doing this, you will want to determine the approximate size of the mask. Once you have approximated the dimensions of the mask, you will need to blow up the balloon to the size you determined. Place the balloon inside a cup for stability. The lower end of the balloon should be in the cup while the blown up part revealed on top. Since you want the paper Mache paste to be easily removed as it dries up, wrap the balloon with plastic. This is so you can pull out the mask when it dries.
  • Prepare the paste. Making the paste is easy. All you have to do is mix flour, water, and salt together in a bowl and boil it. Once it boils, remove it from the burner and allow it to cool. It should thicken into a paste. Once it does, move the contents to a larger bowl where it will be easy for you to dip the strips of newspaper in. You can also purchase commercial paper Mache paste at your local arts and crafts supply store.
  • Apply the layers. Start with the first layer. Dip the strips of old newspaper onto the bowl of paste and plaster it onto the balloon. Make sure that you cover the balloon completely. Let this initial layer dry before you proceed with the features of the face. Since you are making a snoop mask, you will want to place another balloon, one that is long, onto the balloon to replicate the snout. Blow up the balloon to the desired size and glue it to the primary balloon. For the ears, use pieces of cloth roughly the same size and shape of Snoopy’s ears. Glue to the primary balloon as well. Wait for the glue to dry and apply the second layer of paper Mache. Allow it to dry before proceeding with the third layer. You can proceed with another layer if so desired. In any case, allow your final layer to dry completely.
  • Start painting. As soon as the paper Mache dries up, remove it by popping the balloon and pulling it out. You are now ready to paint it. Refer to the image of Snoopy for the colors you will need. Basically, you will be using black and white as the primary paint colors with touches of red or pink. Start with the all white base followed by the black and red to create the eyes, nose, and tongue.

Try it on. You now have a fantastic paper mache mask of Snoopy that you can wear for your event.


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