How To Make a Stocking Cap Weave

Stocking cap weaves are a great way to enhance a costume and can be a cheap way to be really creative on your look. You can make your own stocking cap weave at home with just some hair extensions, blow dryer, weaving glue, scissors and of course, a stocking cap. Read on the tips below on how to make one at home.

  • Selecting your weave. The first thing you need to do is to buy your weave. You can choose between real human hair and just synthetic hair. Typically, real human hair is more expensive but has a better texture. Choose if you want yours curly or straight and what color you want your weave to be. You can also select the length. Typically it’s easier to choose longer weaves since you can always cut them shorter when you want it to be shorter.
  • Braiding your hair. The next step is a little bit tedious but necessary in order to make your weave. Have someone braid all of your hair (or you can do this on your own if you can) in circular lines all around your own head that will make it look like a beehive. This is to minimize the ends of the braid and to not make the braid too bulky on your head.
  • Gluing your weave. Wear your shower cap. You need to do this since you will be gluing the weaves onto your stocking cap and you do not want to have glue on your actual hair. If you do not have a shower cap, you can use a towel that is tightly fit on your head. After this, you can put on your stocking cap and attach your hair extensions to your cap. Once you have attached all of the hair extensions, you can trim their lengths accordingly. The hair tracks of the extensions are often a bit too long so you need to place an end to your head and let it go one round around your head until you can cut if off.
  • Attaching your hair tracks. You can start with the area at the nape of your neck towards the crown. Place some small spots of the hair glue at the back of your hair tracks. Place the hair tracks around your stocking cap.
  • Sealing the glue. You can help the glue set faster by applying heat to it with the means of the blow dryer. Keep on doing these steps until you have reached the crown. Your weave placements should be close to one another, around an inch higher than the previous one. Follow a circular pattern as how you braided your hair since your natural hair line also grows in a circular pattern.
  • Finishing your weave. You are now ready to remove the cap and sew its sides together. Check for big gaps where you should place more tracks in. comb the weave and feel free to cut and style the extensions.

For beginners, you can use curly hair that masks imperfections better than the very straight hair pieces.


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