How To Make a Sub-Zero Costume

Since its debut in 1992, Mortal Combat has been considered by many to be one of the best fighting games ever, and Sub-Zero is one of its most popular characters. You can try making a Sub Zero costume for a party or gathering, or maybe just for fun. Here are the steps in making one.

  1. Prepare the necessary materials. The materials and tools you will need are: cardboard, black and blue acrylic paint, rubber bands, puncher, a pair of scissors, measuring tape, a full life sized body picture of Sub Zero, Velcro pads or any type of rope, black tight fitting pants, black armbands and buttons for decorations.
  2. Cut off an ellipse larger the size of a face. Use your measuring tape to know the parameters of the ellipse that you will cut. Remember to make it considerably larger than the wearer’s face.
  3. Cut out the shape of the face mask of Sub Zero in the picture. You will notice that Sub Zero’s mask is like a gas mask. Draw the outline of the mask first, and put a small allowance on the middle part because this is where you will breathe. After drawing the design out, you can now cut it off. Poke little holes to facilitate breathing.
  4. Cut off the V shaped body suit in the picture. Sub Zero has a V shaped suit in the front and the back. Again, measure the parameters of the wearer’s body. The most important things you must measure are the length and the width. After doing this, cut off a square in the card board with the given length and width. Then outline a V shape, with a flat base. Make the legs of the V considerably thick. Cut this out. Then take another cardboard and copy the outline of the V armor that was cut out. Cut another V shape.
  5. Create the arm and leg pads. You need to measure the limbs of the wearer, particularly the lower arm and the lower leg. Trace the given length in another piece of cardboard. This time, make your measurement a little shorter than the limb of the wearer. This will make the wearer more comfortable when moving with the costume on. Cut off a rectangle and make the corners of the rectangle smoother, creating a rectangular ellipse. After doing this, copy and outline the cut out and do the same process, making one for each of the limb.
  6. Paint the cut off cardboard according to the picture. Use your copy of Sub Zero’s picture as guide in painting over the cardboard. Take note of the contrasts of black and blue. After doing this, let them dry.
  7. Put the rubber band on the mask. Make a hole on the two sides of the mask. Make sure that they will fit properly on the face of the wearer.
  8. Put the Velcro pads or rope to the limb pads. Put them in a way that they will hold on to the wearer. For the V armor, cut out two holes on the ends of the two legs of the V shapes. Use a yarn or rope to connect the legs.

After doing some finishing touches, you can now try your costume on. Wear tight pants and a black bandanna first, then the costume. You will surely freeze your friends at your sight.


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