How To Make a Superhero Costume

Kid in superhero costume

Planning to attend a costume party but not willing to spend much for a new costume? Or is your child preparing for a trick or treat Halloween with playmates? Costumes do not have to come from a signature clothing line in a mall. You can have that superhero look that your child wants with just a simple mix and match of what is in your cabinet. Below are steps on how to make a superhero costume that will suit your or your child’s needs.

  1. Start with a base attire. In making a superhero costume it is best to start with base attire. Base attire should be a stretchable one where the superhero can freely and comfortably move. It can be a spandex, skintight pants, leggings or an old fitted shirt. Put in mind that a superhero’s asset is always his muscle. If you’re not so gifted with muscles, little add-ons under those tights may do like foams or towels folded and formed underneath. In choosing base attire consider as well the color combination. You may want to use the blue-red combination like superman or a gray-black of batman. Or you may want to do your own mix and match and come up with color combination that suits best your character.
  2. Find something that could serve as a cape. Now that you have a base, look for a cape. This is one must-have for a superhero aspirant. Look for any cloth that could serve as a cape, like bed sheets or tablecloths. Do not just get anything. Never forget to consider its color and whether it matches your base attire. If you were making a superman-inspired costume, then red cape would be best.
  3. Find you mask or headdress. After setting a cape, it’s time to look for a mask or a headgear that will complete your superhero look. If you’d like to hide your true identity just like spider-man, then look or create a mask. If not, you can use headgear. Either way, you have to be creative. For the mask, look for a not so thick cardboard and then cut it in a size enough to cover your eyes. Thereafter, put markings to where your eyes are supposed to be, and then cut it. Make a hole enough to give you a perfect vision as if no mask is on.
  4. The superhero footwear. Never forget to match your attire with the proper footwear. Superheroes usually wear boots. So prepare one for yourself. You wouldn’t have the problem of matching the attire with this footwear. Black boots are perfect for almost any color.
  5. Prepare your weapons and other accessories. Finally, to complete the package, you should prepare your weapons and other accessories. A typical superhero uses a sword or a gun. But it is up to you to choose which weapon you’d carry. Also prepare your other accessories like the super belt that carries other weapons, communication tools, etc.

A superhero costume does not have to come new or expensive. A little mix and match topped with creativity is enough to produce a new superhero that will stand unique. 


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