How To Make a Tiara

A tiara is the mainstay of any princess costume. Most young girls would like to play dress up and put on costumes for special events like Halloween parties and costume balls, and no princess should be caught dead without her crowning glory – the tiara. Whether it’s a for a kid’s party or a promenade or theatre prop, a tiara is a project that is fairly easy to do.

Here’s how you make your very own tiara:

  1. Go to the nearest crafts store. There are some pre-made tiara “skeletons” that would just have to be decorated with crystals and beads.
  2. If you’re not getting the skeleton version, you may buy craft wire. Just like the other wires used for utilities and electrical purposes, craft wire comes in various calibers and sizes. The thicker the wire, the sturdier it will be but it may be harder to bend it into the shape that you want it to be.
  3. Have a plan on hand for the tiara. Unlike a full sized crown, a tiara is usually raised in the plane that is somehow parallel with the front of the face. This means that a huge part of the tiara is actually a head band that is meant to secure the head piece on top of the wearer’ head.
  4. Most tiaras are symmetrical in pattern and have a triangular shape. One shape such as a scalloping curve or a set of diamond and triangles in an array of progressively increasing size as they culminate in the middle of the tiara.
  5. Use the wire to mold out the shape of the tiara that you want. You may use a thicker piece of wire for the base. This would have to be the part of the tiara that wouldn’t bend easily. Any distortion on the shape of the band would warp the entire shape and look of the tiara.
  6. Use the tinier pieces to create the series of triangles or diamond shapes that you’ll use for your designs. Make two of each piece since it is meant to be symmetrical. Put the pieces together with a soldering iron or a good heavy duty glue. Make sure that the glue could easily be painted over.
  7. A tiara has to be extra shiny and sparkly. The adornments and decorations for the tiara are the things that drive the cost up. Place all the glittery stones and fake gemstones that you want on the tiara. Again, be aware that it has to be symmetrical. A simple repeating pattern should make it more believable.
  8. Try fitting the tiara on the person who will wear it for a costume. Clean the excess glue and other debris to make the wire tiara more shiny and presentable. You may also buff the tiara with wool or cotton to bring out it’s natural luster.

That’s how you make your own tiara. The first attempt may not be the one you want so try to create more than just one.


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