How To Make a Unique Strap for Large Bags

Large bags are manufactured by the millions, and it may seem difficult to make your own signature or mark that will identify your item apart from all others using the same style or brand of bag. Do you want to invite more admiring glances through the novelty of a unique strap for your large bag? Or maybe you have to replace some neat bag strap that has been worn out due to regular use. Here are the steps in making a very neat unique strap for your large bag:

Measure the dimensions of your large bag. You will not be able to make a large bag strap unless you are familiar with the dimensions.

Straps from scraps. You can check out old bag straps that you can recover and put them together in a unique ensemble for attaching to your large bag. This is the most resourceful way of getting a new set without having to buy new materials. 

Buy your strap tools. In any case, there will still be times where you will need to buy a new set of strap tools. SewThankful is a good online resource for bag and bag strap making endeavors. You can also consider buying a generic strap for large bags in stores such as NexTag and then work your way from there.

Learn how to stitch your way through large bags made of cloth. You will only succeed in making a bag strap if you are able to figure out in advance how you will attach the strap to your favorite large bag. This will save you time and not leave you making a bag strap that you cannot actually use.

Iron out your strap to remove kinks. Home made bag straps are most prone to kinks and all sorts of bumps, especially if you are still practicing how to stitch and sew. Make sure that you have iron or any flattening device that will help even out the surface of your straps. This will also help facilitate convenient use of your bag in the future.

Test the resilience of your chosen strap material. The resilience of your strap material can be tested by adding of weights on the strap to see how much it can handle. Don’t forget to include the inherent weight of the bag and leave some allowance. 

Employ other options of attaching your straps in leather and other delicate materials. You might have to consult bag makers to be able to assist you in attaching straps for leather and non-cloth varieties of bags.

Use bag making workshop smarts. Training from reputable schools such as Designer Stitch may shed some light in helping you do not just the unique strap, but also the entire bag and ensemble itself!

You can never make the same strap twice. So for every effort you make in creating your strap, make sure that you are able to give it your best and most creative shot. If you are fond of decorating your strap for added appeal, make sure that it does not compromise the functionality of your bag strap. Form should go well with function.


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