How To Make a Vintage Purse

Are you tired of all the store-bought purses that you have?  You’ve probably seen them all before, and it’s almost as if designers are just rehashing old designs over and over. You may also have experienced bringing along a purse that you think is especially unique, only to encounter somebody else who has that exact same make. Well, here’s a solution: why not create your very own signature purse, one that would  definitely stand out from among the rest? One of the purse styles you can make is a vintage purse. Vintage purses mostly refer to designs conforming to the 60’s and 70’s traditions, which were decades of high embellishment and spectacular, eclectic decors. So if you’re looking to find out how to make a vintage purse, here are some steps you could follow:

  1. Prepare your materials. What you use will depend on your tastes and your budget.  There is almost limitless materials that you could use to create your purse – just keep an eye open for possibilities. Some possible materials to work with include a piece of the fabric from your old clothes; an old placemat; a small basket; or even old plain purse you just want to jazz up. Of course, prepare your decorations as well – these could include sequins, beads, ribbons and buttons.
  2. Create your purse. It depends on the materials you’ve decided on as to how you will go about constructing your purse. Just remember, you’d have to sew on the edges together to form a bag, and you’d have to allot space to put on the locking mechanism (such as a zipper or button) and the handles – unless you want to make a clutch-type purse.
  3. It’s important to know of some handy sewing tips. One such tip is to make sure that the thread you are using is the same color as the fabric you are working with. However, you could opt to intentionally use a different-colored thread as part of your purse design. In that case, choose a color that would complement the fabric: for example, red thread for blue fabric, heavy black thread for white fabric, etc. Another sewing tip is to work with the fabric inside-out. This is to produce a neater-looking purse with the stitches away from sight. Also, you should use baste stitch (or sparse stitches) initially, so you could easily remove the stitches in case you make a mistake. Once you’re satisfied with how your purse looks like, you could cover up the baste stitch with the more secure backstitch. Remember: your creation should be adequately  sturdy. You wouldn’t want the items inside to slip out spacings in the stitching.
  4. Now’s the time to decorate your vintage purse. You could stitch on the beads and the sequins, and you could use fabric glue to attach ribbons and  any other decoration you’d like.
  5. Sew on a zipper to the opening of your purse. You could also opt to use a button instead of a zipper: just attach the button by its button holes, and then create an opening across from it. Or, you could make a drawstring purse: sew your purse about 1.5 inches below the opening, creating space where you could insert a garter string through it. Pull on the string to close the purse.

Remember, when creating your vintage purse, what you need more than anything is creativity and imagination. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and you’ll likely find yourself with a purse that you’ll definitely love – it’s your own work, after all! Good luck, and have fun!


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