How To Make a Waitress Costume

Even with the changes in fashion, the waitress costume still holds its charm. It remains a favorite costume among girls in costume parties, and during Halloweens. Because of this, you can easily find a waitress costume in online stores and thrift shops, when the occasion calls for it. Although shopping for your child’s waitress ensemble is convenient, you can save a lot of money by making the costume yourself. To learn how to make a waitress costume, read the instructions below:

  • Prepare the materials. You will need ½ yard white felt from a 72-inch bolt, 9x12 inches sheet colored felt, 4 yards narrow lace trim, a pair of scissors, a measuring tape, a hot glue, a piece of paper, 3 white buttons, 1 toy tiara, a tailor’s chalk, and a plain t-shirt with a matching shirt to make a waitress costume. If you plan to make a tray to go with it, prepare a plastic tray, 1 clear plastic cup, 1 brown shoelace, 3 pieces white cocktail napkins, 1 inch red pompom, cotton balls, and a duct tape.
  • Measure the costume pieces. Measure the collar and the sleeves of the t-shirt. Record the measurements in a piece of paper. Next, get the skirt and decide how long you want the apron to be. Using a tailor’s chalk, mark the location where you want the apron to lay. Then, measure the length from the waist of the skirt up to the location you’ve marked. Write this also in the paper. For the apron tie’s length, measure your child’s waist, and add about 12 inches to it. There’s an excess 12 inches so that you can tie the apron in a bow at your child’s back. Put this measurement also in the piece of paper.
  • Cut out the costume pieces from the white felt. Sketch the apron, apron tie, collar, and cuffs on the white felt, using the measurements you’ve taken earlier as reference. Cut out the costume pieces, and use hot glue to put together the apron and apron tie. When you’re done, use hot glue to trim the costume pieces with lace.
  • Make the waitress hat. Make a waitress hat out of the colored felt by first folding it into a rectangle. Next, fold over its corners so that it looks like a trapezoid. Trim the longest side of the cap with white lace. Glue the hat on a toy tiara so that it would be easy to put on.
  • Make the waitress tray. If you want, you can accessorize your child’s waitress costume with a waitress tray. To create a waitress tray, search for a plastic tray that is light enough for your child to carry. Next, wound a brown shoelace around several pieces of cotton balls, and place it inside a clear plastic cup. Top it off with a red pompom. You now have an ice cream soda for your waitress tray. Use glue to secure the soda to the tray, and tape several napkins on the tray as additional accessory. Make it easy for your child to carry the tray by creating a hand strap on its bottom using duct tape.

Let your child wear any white canvas shoes to complete the ensemble. If you like, you can transform the shoes into saddle shoes by shading its middle with black marker. To create a '50s waitress look, curl your child’s hair, leave on some bangs, and put it up in a ponytail.


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