How To Make a Washer Necklace

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “washer”? Like most people, you’d probably imagine the small, thin discs that are found in hardware stores. But, do you know that some people associate washers with necklace? Yes, you’ve read that right. Some people think of washers as accents to their necks and accessories to their clothes. You may think they’re crazy, but washers do make an elegant jewelry. Follow the instructions below to know how you can transform an ordinary washer into a beautiful necklace:

  • Prepare the materials. You will need a 1 inch diameter washer, a pretty paper (gift wrapper or scrapbook paper), a jewelry cording, necklace clasps (optional), a craft knife, a pair of scissors, an emery board, craft glue, a small paint brush, and a medium diamond glaze to make a washer necklace. If you want your necklace to have a large pendant, use a bigger washer.
  • Design the washer. Cut a small square out of the paper. The square should be a bit larger than the washer. Next, use a small brush to spread glue on one side of the washer. With the small square of paper face-down on a flat surface, glue the washer on the paper. Set the washer aside to dry. When the glue has dried, cut out the excess paper using a craft knife. Use an emery board to smoothen out the washer’s edges.
  • Glaze the washer. Using a small brush, paint the printed side of the washer with a medium diamond glaze. Do not make the glaze too thick, or else it will become gummy. After applying the glaze, let the washer dry.
  • Make the washer necklace. When the glaze has dried, put jewelry cording through the washer. Adjust the length of the cording as desired. You can either use clasps to put the necklace around your neck, or you can tie the cord in a bow on your nape.
  • Try another variation of the washer necklace. Challenge yourself by doing a necklace containing several washers. Get a double-sided ribbon, 7 pieces of ½ inch zinc cut washers, 4 pieces of 5/16 inch diameter zinc cut washers, and 12 pieces of ½ inch diameter SAE washers. Thread two of the smallest washers into the ribbon, leaving about 8 inches of thread on one end. The first threaded washer will be washer A and the second threaded washer will be washer B. Put the other end of the ribbon through washer A, entering from the bottom of the washer. Then, from the top of the washer, put the ribbon through washer B. Repeat these steps on the other washers. The smallest washers should be on the ends, followed by the medium-sized washers, and the largest washers. If you follow this arrangement, the largest washers should be located in the middle part of the necklace.

You can opt to decorate both of the washer’s sides so that it looks stunning whatever side is showing. Design and dry one side of the washer first, before decorating the other side.


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