How To Make a Wiccan Robe

You need to wear a robe when attending a Wiccan ritual. A Wiccan robe symbolizes your oneness with nature and commitment to the ceremony or ritual you are performing. While you can buy a ready-made Wiccan robe for a small price, it is way better to make your own. You don’t need to be an expert sewer to do this. Just carry out the basic sewing techniques below, and you can have your DIY Wiccan robe. 

  1. Choose a fabric. There are two things you need to keep in mind when choosing a fabric. First is texture. Make sure that the fabric of your choice is comfortable, easy to wash, and most especially easy to cut and sew. Second is the color. Although Wiccan robes are generally black, you can use a fabric in any color you want. You can perhaps choose a fabric in earth color to even more connect yourself with nature.
  2. Prepare the tools. After choosing the fabric, the next thing to do is to gather all the tools you will need. You have to prepare a pair of scissors, fabric cutter, tape measure, tailor’s chalk, thread, and needle. Although you can hand-sew the robe, it is way faster and easier if you use a sewing machine. Besides, a machine-sewn robe is more neat-looking.
  3. Get your measurement. The Wiccan robe is supposed to be loose-fitting, so you only need to get two measurements. The first one is the length of the sleeves. Get this by spreading your arms sideways. Then, have someone run a tape measure from your one wrist to the other wrist. Record the measurement. Second is the length of the robe. Again, ask someone to run a tape measure from the top of your shoulder down to the ankle. Record the measurement.
  4. Cut the fabric. First fold the fabric cross-wise. Then, using the two measurements, trace a T-like silhouette, with the body following an inverted cone shape, on the fabric. Cut the fabric according to that pattern. Then, cut the neck hole. Fold the cut-out robe lengthwise to determine the center of the neck hole. Depending on your preference, the neckline can be round or v-shaped.
  5. Begin sewing. Turn the fabric right side in, then start sewing the hem. After which, sew along the sleeve to the armpit and down to the ankle. Do the same to the other side of the robe. When sewing, remember that the stitch is very critical because the robe’s durability depends on the stitch strength and consistency. Therefore, be very mindful of how you run the needle and thread along the robe, especially if you are hand-sewing.  
  6. Try the robe on. See if there are adjustments you need to make. Check that the robe is falling right below your ankle, the armpits are not tight, and the sleeves are hanging above the fingers.

Your Wiccan robe does not have to be all plain, so take time to adorn it with laces, beads, and embroideries. Also, do not forget to tie a cord around the waist. And make sure that the cord’s color goes well with the color of your robe.


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