How To Make a Wire Wrap Necklace Pendant

The business of making wire wrap necklace pendant has been around for quite some time now. It is a common misconception that it is a hard and time-consuming task. Though it is a popular jewelry piece, not much people try it out. It may surprise you to know that this is rather an easy task and a safe avenue for you to express your creativity and craftsmanship.

Here are the steps you could follow in making a wire wrap necklace pendant.

  • Complete the needed materials on your working table before starting. You are dealing with accessories here. It is a wise move to keep your materials for this project in place all the time. Do not create any hassle by going to and fro just to get your materials or you may end up losing some valuable pieces. For this project, you need to prepare the following: a 20-gauge wire, a needle nose set of pliers, an anvil or steel plate, a metal file, some beads, and a wire cutter.
  • Check your wire for the presence of any kinks. Most wires are stored in a way that they easily get bends and kinks. Before starting, prepare your wires and with a use of pliers, straighten out any bends and kinks that the wire has. Remember that the gauge of the wire will have to fit the holes in your beads
  • Depending on your pendant beads cut enough length of the wire. Make sure that it can accommodate two loops at both ends. One end loop is smaller than the other end. This is for the purpose each loop serves. One is for keeping the bead in position while the other one for attaching the pendant to the necklace.
  • Create the small loop. Use your needle nose pliers to hold one end of the wire. Twist the tip of the pliers, along with the wire secured on its teeth. This way, the wire will wrap around that part of the needle nose pliers. Bend the wire to create a loop with a loose end. This in turn will be wrapped three rounds to the base part of the loop.
  • There are other options to add style on your pendant. Flatten the end of the wire with the use of an anvil. By flattening, you are allowed to create your style with it and let it wrap around a part of your bead. The outermost edge of the wire might be very sharp. You might need a metal file to make it dull.
  • Insert the wire on your bead’s holes. Afterwards, create a bigger loop on the other end of the wire. Twist your pliers in a way that the edge of the wire will wrap around it and will create a loop. The remaining tail of the wire will be used for wrapping another three rounds on the base of the loop. If what you made is a completely closed loop, allow some space between the base and the top of the bead.

Jewelries are always pleasing to the eyes. They can compliment your fashion or even reflect your mood. A pendant created by your own hands will surely exude your sense of craftsmanship and style.


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