How To Make a Wish Bracelet

A wish bracelet supposedly grants your wish when the bracelet falls off your wrist. Whether it works or not, wish bracelets are fun and can make great presents to your friends.

To make your own wish bracelet, you will need hemp twine, beads, a clipboard to hold the twine while you make the knots and a pair of scissors. Check out the local craft store to purchase your supplies.

To help you choose the color of your beads, below are the meanings or symbols that each color represents:

  • Gray is for security and maturity.
  • Black is for stability and self-control.
  • White is for cleanliness and revelation.
  • Indigo is for meditation and intuition.
  • Purple is for magic and mystery.
  • Blue represents youth and peace.
  • Green is for life, fertility and money.
  • Yellow symbolizes wisdom and happiness.
  • Gold is for wealth and success.
  • Orange is for creativity and vitality.
  • Brown stands for orderliness,.
  • Pink is for love and beauty.
  • Red is for passion, energy, confidence and courage.

Choose a maximum of two colors for your wish bracelet. You can combine, let’s say, red and pink for love and passion. Decide on the colors that you will be using.

Next, you need to learn two basic knots: the overhand knot and the square knot. Practice making the knots on a loose twine before you start making your wish bracelet.

  • Overhand knot. Get two loose cords and fold them into half. Align the centers of the cords; tie a simple knot by taking the top portion of the cords. Remember to leave a loop at the end of the cords.
  • Square knot. A square knot comprises of two half knots. To make a half knot, get a cord and take a longer side on your left. Pass this cord under shorter cords and over the longer thread on your right side. On the left side, make a small loop. Get the right side thread; keep it under the left side thread. Push the cord through the loop on your left side. Remember to pull it tight. To complete your square knot, simply reverse these steps.

Check out illustrated versions of how to make both knots on the Internet. Photos are available so you can understand better. Once you have perfected tying both knots, you are ready to make your wish bracelet.

First, make an overhand knot. Then secure your twines on the clipboard to avoid slipping. Make 15 square knots. Ensure that you pull each of the knots tightly. Slide in the first bead until you reach the last of the knot. Tie a square knot after you slide in the bead. Repeat these steps until you are able to finish sliding all the seven beads.

Make 15 more knots to balance your bracelet. Ensure that the beads are on the center of the bracelet. Finish off by tying all the strands using an overhand knot. Slip the strands into the loop on the other end of the bracelet to secure it in your wrist. Clip the ends for your desired length.

Make small paper print outs if you wish to give the bracelet as a gift. If you want to start wishing on your bracelet, concentrate on your wish while you tie the bracelet around your wrist. Your wish is supposed to come true when the bracelet falls off.


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