How To Make a Witch's Robe

A Halloween party is not complete without a witch. And a witch is not a witch without her robe. A witch's robe can be expensive, though, especially those that are elaborately designed and made. But you can have a beautiful witch robe without spending much by creating your own. Here’s how.

  1. Prepare the fabric. The best fabric for a witch robe is cotton, velvet, and taffeta, although you can use any type of fabric you want for as long as it moves beautifully and is within your budget. Also, make sure the fabric is comfortable. Halloween parties last for hours, and you don’t want to move uneasily during those hours.
  2. Record the measurements. The first thing you should get is the length of the robe. Do this by measuring the nape of your neck down to your ankle, or below the knees if you want a shorter robe. Then, measure the length of the sleeves. Outstretch your arm and measure from the top of your shoulder to your wrist. For the hood, get the circumference of the base of your neck. To get accurate measurements, have someone to assist you.
  3. Cut the fabric. Fold the fabric lengthwise, then cut out the body of the robe according to your desired length. The width should be around 60 inches. Cut the neck hole of the body piece using the neck measurement. Next, cut two strips of fabric for the sleeves according to the measured length. The sleeves should be hanging loose, so make them at least 20 inches wide. With the fabric still folded, draw a side-view hood pattern on the fabric using your neck circumference. Cut out the pattern. Then, sew the seams of the cut-out fabrics.
  4. Begin sewing. For easy sewing, you need to first assemble and pin the body piece and the sleeves. Remember to turn the fabric right sight in when pinning the parts together. Then, start running the robe on the sewing machine. Once completed, attach the hood to the neck part of the body piece. Sew the edges together.
  5. Try the witch robe on. Turn the robe right side out, and try it on. Make adjustments if necessary. However, adjusting the robe will sometimes necessitate disassembling the robe altogether, so you need to make sure that before you start sewing, every part is properly measured and cut. If everything is well, iron flat the seams.
  6. Add embellishments. Make your witch robe extra charming by sewing laces, beads, studs, charms, and embroideries onto it. You can also make use of glitters, but be sure not to overdo. Also, add a belt or cord. You can either make your belt out of the same fabric or use any belt you own that complements your robe. If your robe is of a darker shade, use a belt that is lighter in color, and vice versa.

In your next Halloween party, surprise your friends with your personalized witch robe. Because the design is all yours, nothing is going to look like your robe. And that will surely make you a standout.


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