How To Make a Wrist Corsage: Flower Arrangements

A Colorful Accessory for Your Next Formal Event

Ladies showing off their corsages

You may think that wrist corsages are old-fashioned and out of style but there are still events when they are appropriate. They are a great complement to a simple ensemble for a special dance. 

Create your own wrist corsage at home with just a few simple steps. Please note, if you like making silk flower arrangements, you can follow the directions below using silk flowers. However, real flowers are usually far more beautiful when worn on a wrist. Follow these simple steps:


  • 2 medium flower blooms of the same color
  • 2 stems of leaves
  • 2-3 small flowers to complement the flower blooms
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors/wire cutters
  • Elastic band


  1. Choose the flowers. Roses, orchids and carnations may be the traditional flowers for corsages but you don’t have to limit yourself to these standards. Consider using sunflowers or wildflowers with dramatic colors so that your arrangement can make a statement and complement your wardrobe choice.
  2. Prepare the flowers. Cut the stems to three inches in length. You may need to remove some more of the stem later but this length will make it easier to arrange the flowers.  
  3. Group the flowers together and tape them. Hold the stems together so that the ends are together and the blooms face the opposite sides of your wrist. Wrap the floral tape around the stems to secure them.
  4. Add the smaller flowers. These filler flowers help hide the stems of the blooms and add structure to your design. Place one flower between the two larger blooms so that the stems are covered. Secure the stems with tape. Place the other filler flowers in the design of your choice.
  5. Add the leaves. Use the tape to secure the leaves at the top and bottom or right and left side of the blooms. The leaves help frame the flowers into a small bouquet.
  6. Using your wrist as a guide, cut the elastic to length. Wrap the elastic around your wrist and cut to the needed length plus one inch for the overlap.
  7. Secure elastic to the corsage. Use the floral wire or tape to secure the elastic to the back of the flower stems. The elastic should be hidden under the flowers when the corsage is worn.
  8. Slip on the corsage. This wrist corsage design will complement almost any gown you wear. Take it out for a night on the town or any special event.

Making a wrist corsage allows you to create a unique design with your favorite flowers. With a few simple materials from your florist or craft store, you can make the design of your dreams. Get creative and you can create a masterpiece for your friends to admire.


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I love wrist corsage as they don't ruin your clothes. Great article.

By Mary Norton