How To Make a Wrist Orchid Corsage

It’s prom season and you know someone needs a corsage. While you can always get one at the local florist’s, finding a unique one can be a challenge. This article will help you get that unique corsage you wanted. Today, you will learn how to make one with the use of some beautiful orchids. Keep reading to find out!

  • Prepare the things you need. A wrist corsage made out of orchids means a stop at the local florist. Ask him or her to pick out a fresh and healthy orchid stalk for your project. Explain what you ought to do with it and give him some time to help you pick out the other things you’ll need for your corsage such as the some ribbon, wire and tape.
  • Unfasten the orchids from the stalk. To do so, make sure to carefully detach the orchids from its stalk. 3 orchids buds are needed. As much as possible, exercise caution when handling the orchids because the buds have a tendency to fall off due to sensitivity. When cutting off the stems, maintain an inch.
  • Group the flowers together. Coil the wire around each of the previously detached flowers and use the tape to bind everything together. With your hands, position the flowers closely against each other like those of other corsages. If you wanted to style its formation, take the biggest flower and place it as the center while keeping the two others closely at its side. Now you can officially bind the stems together with the tape. Make sure to firmly wrap it around the stems to make sure its grip is strong enough to withstand moving the corsage around.    
  • Take another orchid for space behind the corsage. From the remainder of the buds left on the orchid stalk, take one of them and detach it from the stalk. Keep in mind that its stem should be much longer than the three others you have cut previously. Ideally, anywhere from 5-6 inches should be fine depending on the size of the other three flowers. You want the orchid to be visible even from the front. Using the tape once again, flip the corsage the other way around and fasten the additional orchid onto the back. Make sure you have firmly taped it into place.
  • Finish your corsage. Using the ribbon, wrap it around the wearer’s wrist and leave an extra 2-3 inches on top of the initial measurement for allowance. Estimating is also your next best bet if the wearer isn’t there. Flip the corsage onto its back and half hitch the ribbon the stem. It’s best to make your corsage a night before the actual event but this is completely up to you. To maintain the quality of the orchids, keep the corsage in a container and let it cool in a fridge overnight.

Since most wrist corsages nowadays look very similar, it’s important to stand out among a crowd of other corsage wearers. Give your corsage maker some justice by showing your corsage off in the best way possible. Homemade corsages are the best way to go! Contrary to what others will say, anyone and everyone can make their very own unique wrist corsage.


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