How To Make Baby Socks Change Purse

Do you want to have a change purse that is unique and easy-to-do? You are in the right place because this article will help you make your very own change purse made of baby socks. This project is very ideal to serve as baby shower favors, baby shower presents, and even for your personal use. To start this one-of-a-kind project, follow these steps in making baby socks purse:

  • Choose a good baby sock for your coin purse project. Go shop for baby socks with colors and patterns that you love for your purse. If you will be giving it away, know what the person loves for herself. Though you can use used socks for this project, it is best to work on a clean and unused one.
  • Lay the socks so you can start working on the project. Work on a table with flat surface and position the sock flatly on top of it. If in case you are working on a sock that has a lace, position the sock upside down in order for the lace to be positioned at the upper part of the sock.
  • Cut a slit to welcome the metal clasp of the hinges. Cut around one inch of slit on both sides of the baby sock. The slit is where you will be positioning the hinge of the purse's clasp.
  • Add metal clasp at the top edge of the baby sock. Work on positioning the clasp at the top edge of the sock so that the metal grooves are fitting snuggly on the sock. The metal grooves will serve as the lock of the coin purse. By the way, the metal clasps can be purchased from sewing shops or fabric stores near you.
  • Press the clasp tightly onto the sock. Use pliers to press all the metal edges of the clasp. This is necessary so that the clasp will be held tightly in place. If you are doing this project with kids, assist them in this step.
  • Fix all the ends of the metal clasp on the sock. Sew both ends of the metal clasp to close the hole between the clasp and the sock. You can also sew the sock's top edges for a more durable purse.
  • Use strings or buttons to close your coin purse. Instead of using metal clasps for this project, use strings or buttons on top of the baby sock. Take note that when choosing a string or button, you must match its colors and styles to the color and pattern of the sock you are using.
  • Add some finishing touches to the change purse. You have the option to add rhinestone accents or pizzazz at the exterior side of your coin purse. Add these optional accents with fabric glue in places you love to see them in the purse. This will not only add more beauty to the purse but it will add a more personal touch to the project.

It is always a great project to make a change purse out of baby socks. With a few easy steps, you can create wonderful pieces that you can use for yourself or you can give away to guests in a baby shower party. Sure enough, everyone will love this cool and functional project of yours.


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