How To Make Bangle Mold Jewelry

Bangles are a fashion accessory that can help you create a distinctive fashion style and statement for yourself. Although bangles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, finding one that suits you perfectly can be difficult. One of the alternatives which you can try out is to make your own bangle mold jewelry by using resins that you can mold yourself. Here are the steps to make your own bangles.

  1. Mix the resin. Most plastic bangles are actually made from resins that come in liquid form. These resins are available in many craft shops and specialty stores. For bangle mold jewelry, you need two-process epoxy resins. These epoxy resins come in liquid form and must be combined in order to harden. Take equal measures of the liquid resin and the hardener. Combine the two liquids in a small pot.  Use a stick to mix the resins completely.
  2. Add colors. Afterwards, take dye and place it into the resin mixture. Place the dye in small increments until you arrive at the type of color that you want. You can also add other kinds of decorative embellishments such as glitter and small trinkets that come in the form of stars or hearts – whatever design you want to incorporate into your bangles. Another effect that you can try out on your bangles is to add lines of color into the bangles by using a stick to create swirls of color into the resin. Do not mix the dye too much, so that the lines of color will retain their form in the resin.
  3. Mold. Afterwards, pour the mixture into molds. Make sure that the molds have been coated with a release spray that will keep the resins from adhering to the surface of the molds. Bangle molds are usually available in craft shops. You can also purchase molds in online shops that sell custom jewelry kits. Tap the molds once to for the air bubbles to rise into the surface. Or, you can give the resins a final stir, to place air pockets inside as a decorative element.
  4. Let the resin harden. The resins should cure or harden for several hours. Two hours is usually enough for the resins to cure, but some types of epoxy solutions will take more time. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to help you determine the amount of time that your molds need to harden. Once this is done, you can shake the bangles out of the molds. Wipe to remove the release spray.
  5. Other options. There are various effects that you can add to your bangles by introducing elements or air while the resins are drying. An hour into the drying period, you can create patterns on top of the resin. At this point, the resin is semi-dry and any markings that you add on the surface will remain. You can add your initials, or embed little shells or sea glass into the bangles to make them unique and even prettier.

Once you master the art of making bangles, you can use the same resin mix to make other types of jewelry such as beads for necklaces or bracelets. You can follow the same procedure, but use smaller molds.


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