How To Make Bead Cuff Bracelets

Bead cuff bracelets make any outfit extra fun and unique. It adds that added oomph to an outfit and accentuates certain colors in one's outfit. Bead cuff bracelets are in fact, very easy to make, so you can create your own unique bead cuff bracelets on your own. If you are interested in making these kinds of bracelets, follow the simple steps below.

  • Get your materials. You will naturally need beads to begin this project. Choose the ones with large holes, so a needle can easily pass through. Prepare a needle, some thread, fabric, colored ribbons, a sewing machine, scissors and a fabric pencil.
  • Cut your fabric. Measure a 9-inch long by 2 ½-inch wide rectangle of fabric. Choose any fabric that suits your style. You can even cut out fabric from your old skirts, tops or even scarves. On the long sides of the fabric, fold a seam measuring ¼ inch each. Sew the seams closed using your sewing machine.
  • On the short sides, fold another ¼ inch seam. Take out ribbons of complementing colors and cut into four pieces, all around 3 inches long. Pin the ribbons to the short sides of the fabric, onto the seams. Sew the seams by sewing over the ribbons neatly.
  • Design your beading. Before beginning, visualize on how your beads would look like laid out on the cuff. There are patterns you can check out from the Internet. You may even create your own. Make use of the different colors and sizes of the beads and create a coherent design out of it. If you have a pattern in mind, sketch it on the fabric with a fabric pencil. You should have a pattern on a separate paper so you can label which beads go where. This allows you to organize your process while creating your bead cuff bracelet.
  • Start sewing. Now that you have decided on the design, you may now start sewing the beads on. Thread the needle and sew the beads carefully onto the cuff. Make sure that your needle isn't too big so that it won't create too big of a hole on the cloth. Pull the needle through the fabric, with the knot at the back of the cuff. Once the needle is pulled out, drop a bead through it, and thread the needle through the fabric after doing this. Repeat until all beads have been attached. Tie the thread tightly at the back of the fabric once you have sewn on the final bead.

While it may seem like a tedious process, sewing the beads onto the cuff can be easy once you get the hang of it. You may experiment with various designs. You can even trim the cuff with sequins to add a bit of sparkle to it. You may also use lace instead of ribbons to tie off the ends of your cuff. This adds a bit of charm and girly-flair to your look. Now that you know how to create your own bead cuff bracelet, you may expand by creating bead bib necklaces and other accessories to dress up your outfits.


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