How To Make Beaded Brooches

Fashion is a very intricate part of a woman’s life since it is a tool used not just for attracting people but for expressing one’s self. And in a world where fashion is more often than not by the fashion gurus, the expression and statement a woman can make is limited to that what is offered in a fashion collection. That is why there are times that women just ride the tides of fashion. Compromising their style to what is available in the market.

However, you have your options when it comes to style. You can always create your own clothing and even accessories. The accessories you can make can range from headbands, necklaces, and pendants and, yes, you can even make your own beaded brooches. Here are some tips on how to make beaded brooches.

  • Before you pin your brooches. To make the best beaded brooches, you must set aside the hassles like distractions and lack of materials or equipment. For a hassle free making of beaded brooches, you must prepare the things you will need. First, collect brooch back with holes. Get as much as you can, so you can have more options for more designs. Then, get fine beading wires. You can go with 20 or 22 gauges. Assorted beads and or crystals will go a long way in beautifying your brooches. A round nose pliers and wire cutters will help you out in finishing this project. Get the following equipment and you are set to make your beaded brooches.
  • Making the cut. The first step after completing the materials is to cut wires. Use the wire cutters and cut according to the length that you need. Then insert the piece of wire you want into a hole in one of the brooch backs. Tighten it by winding it a few times.
  • Just bead it! With the wire securely attached to the brooch back, it is time for the next step. Get your beads and thread them. Here is where your creativity will come in. The pattern of beads your thread will follow the design you like. You can arrange it by color or by size. After threading some patterns, insert the wire through the following hole found on the brooch back. The round nose pliers can help you out in reinserting the wire on the first hole. Tighten the loop by pulling the wire.
  • Beads, beads and more beads! The key here is to create more beaded loops. And you can do just that by passing more wires through the brooch back holes. Keep repeating these steps until you see the brooch taking shape. A good sign to know if you are doing right as when you see the brooch look like a flower adorned with individual petals. Then make sure that you have an unbeaded wire after you are done beading. Tighten it by wrapping it a numerous times at the end of your brooch back. Cut off any excess wires.
  • Finalizing your design. With your bead works now attached to the brooch back, you can now change the shape to suit your design. Then spread the ‘petals’ to achieve the flower-like look.

With something as simple as making your own beaded brooch, you can now express yourself through fashion. Draw up your designs and start making more beaded brooches for your outfits.


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