How To Make Beaded Hoop Earrings

Beads are small, round and colorful ornaments that, more often than not, are over looked by people. Their true worth or value in a design is often relegated to just being accents to a bigger or grander scheme or design. However, beads are way more important than just being accents to a dress, head band, gown, or any other fashion accessories. These round and colorful spheres bring life to any fashion design.

That is why many, even the fashion stylists, have rekindled their affection for the small spheres of beauty. Beads are now, more often than not, used in designs, accessories and even displays. And to add to its versatility, beads are easy to use in making things like for example when you need to make beaded hoop earrings. Here are some tips on how to make beaded hoop earrings.

  • Before the beads deed. Your hoop earrings will look better and more stylish after you put your personal touch in it with the help of beads. But before that, you need to prepare yourself. For this fashion project you will need glass beads. And it is up to you what color, look, shape, pattern, or design you will be using. Just make sure it matches your next requirement. And that requirement is a silver, round and continuous hoop earring. And also be ready with a piece of paper, markers and pens. When you have the right materials you are all set to begin.
  • Draw it so you can see it. The first step in making your beaded hoop earrings is to visualize your design. This will be your guide in your project. On your piece of paper, draw a hoop. And use your colored markers to see what colors blend well and what does not. When you are done with your design it is time to start work.
  • Round about. The reason why a round hoop works well beads is because it gives you a simple ornament that will naturally hold your design. Hoops make it easy to thread beads. You don’t even have to think of the beads falling off because of the hoop’s continuous design.
  • Let the beading begin! Now, look at your design drawn or sketched on the piece of paper. Get the beads that you need. Lay the hoop on the work table. Then to help you see how the hoop will look, place the beads on top of the hoop. If the design is good and excites you, the beading work should follow. If you find the design a little too tacky, you can always redraw your idea. Remember the beads almost always need two of each. It is all because you should have two matching earring hoops. Another reminder, the more beads you use for your design the less of the hoop can be seen. Now, it all depends if you want to hide the earring’s silver hoop completely, or you want it to be part of your design.
  • How to bead the hoop. When inserting your beads, you should do it the right way. You should insert your beads backwards. That means last most piece should go first.

It is amazing how little round beads can beautify an ornament as simple as a hoop. Next time, get more hoops to try different designs.


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