How To Make Beautiful Jewelry with Recycled Glass


Humans use up tons of glass products each day, in the form of bottles and kitchen materials ranging from the cup to the ceramic plate. Broken glass, however, has many uses. You can use glass to create your own jewelry. Whether a necklace with a large pendant, an earring, or bracelets, glass jewelry is beautiful and unique. Because you made these pieces yourself, you can also be sure that you will not spot another individual with the same accessories. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Prepare your glass. There are many types of glass that you can use for this project. If you are looking for something that has already been processed, you can purchase glass bits and pieces from specialty shops, made from recycled glass objects. Old bottles and other glass objects are melted and formed into glass gem droplets, which are sold in specialty shops all over the country. Apart from this, however, you can also create your own glass pieces. To do this, take a bottle with thick glass sides and wrap it in a towel. Use a hammer to gently crack the glass. Once this is done, place the glass on a rock tumbler filled with some sand, and leave for a few days. This will smooth out the glass for you.
  2. Add paper. For home made sea glass, you can skip adding decorative paper backing since the glass already has a distinct shape and texture .just keep in mind that the longer you keep the glass in the rock tumbler, the smoother the texture of the sea glass will be. However, if you are using the very smooth and usually clear colored factory recycled glass, you can add accents by attaching a piece of paper with a color or pattern into the back of the glass. Use decoupage glue to do this.
  3. Add wirings. Once this is done, the next step is for you to add the wires around each glass item. Use fine copper or white wires to do this. Needle nose pliers will help you to wind the wire around the pieces of glass. Make sure that you have at least two intersecting strips of wire to form a cross shape that will keep the gem in place. Make the wires end at the back part of the glass gems, which you can twist to create hooks. Apart from using wires, you can also use decoupage glues to attach small hooks into the glass bits. Use wires or hooks depending on the style that you want to create. Keep in mind that you can also use the wire itself to decorate your recycled glass jewelry.
  4. Create your design. Finally, create your design. For bracelets, attach the hooked glass bits into a piece of string or yarn. For necklaces, on the other hand, you can use a pre-made chain and attach a large pendant made of a large piece of decorative glass. Or you can chain the wired glass bits together to create a length that will fit your neck or wrist. Add larger pieces as necessary, as pendants or bracelet charms.

With a little creativity, getting a wide variety of recycled glass jewelry is easy. Experiment with sizes, shapes, patterns and color combinations to arrive at glass jewelry items that will make you stand out.


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