How To Make Bellbottoms from Old Jeans

Instead of throwing away your old jeans, one of the best ways to recycle them without compromising your style is by transforming your old jeans into bellbottoms. A Bell bottom is a chic clothing style that brings back memories of flower power and the gorgeous clean cuts and extravagant designs of past decades. Instead of letting the fashion flow crash down on you, go against the tide and stand out in bellbottoms. Here are the steps to making these kinds of pants.

  1. Measure. The first step is to measure the amount of flare that you want your bell bottoms to have. If you want pants that will flare minimally, try to opt for smaller cuts along the vertical seam of your pants. However, larger cuts will allow you to insert larger triangles that will lead to massive flares which can wholly and effectively change the way your clothes look.
  2. Cut. The measure of the vertical seams will be the height for the triangle which you will use to add the flare on the bell bottoms.  The triangle should be simple – a flat base and the height centered in between. You can increase the width of the square in order to make the pants flare out more. To guide you in choosing the best degree of flare that your pants can accommodate, try to use a piece of paper first. Cut this into the desired shape and then pin or tape into the vertical seams. This will give you a pretty good idea of how your pants will turn out.
  3. Pin. Once this is done, you need to select the fabric that will act as the actual flare for your pants. Try searching for fabrics that look similar to the fabric used in your jeans, especially if you are going for the low profile look. On the other hand, you can accentuate your bell bottoms by using a wholly different type of fabric that has patterns and bright colors to contrast the fabric in your old jeans. The choice is up to you, and you can create as many bell bottoms as you want from your old jeans. Pin the fabric into the vertical seam to keep it in place as you sew.
  4. Sew. Once done, the next step is to sew on the triangle into the vertical seam. Make sure that there is at least an inch of excess material in the triangle wedge so that you will have room to attach the wedge from the inside seams of the pants, and enough to create a hem for the bottom of the pants. Use threads with a color that matches or complements the rest of the fabric.
  5. Hem. Stitching the wedge into the vertical seam of the pants leg will not leave visible marks especially since you are stitching it from the inside. The hem, however, will be visible from the outside, which means that the stitch for the hem should be carefully made and should be positioned at the same height as the rest of the pant legs hem line. This will create the illusion of continuous hem stitch line.

Through these steps, recycling your old jeans into fashionable bell bottoms is easy. Add other seventies themed accessories to finish the look, before leaving the house in style.


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