How To Make Bow-Adorned Shoes

Oversized bows are one of the hottest trends this year.  You can find bows adding feminine charm to all parts of the body from head to toe. In fact, grabbing a pair of bow-adorned shoes is one of the best ways you can hop on the oversized bow trend. But you don't have to buy a new pair of shoes just to be in fashion! Read on to find out how to make bow-adorned shoes.

  1. Do you have a pair of plain colored, ho-hum high heels that have been lying at the back of your shoe cabinet for years? Rescue them from the spiders in your closet and bring them out to the light of day.
  2. Don't have a pair of shoes you'd like to dress up?  Head over to the nearest discount retailer (Target, Payless, TJ Maxx, or Walmart) and pick up a pair of basic pumps or heels.  Set a very low price limit for yourself-you shouldn't spend more than $20 on the shoes. Actually, $20 would already be expensive.
  3. You can also check out your local thrift store for shoes that may be of use to you for this project.
  4. Make your own shoe bows by buying a large, thick satin ribbon in the color of your choice.  The ribbon doesn't have to be in a solid color, nor does it have to be satin. Have fun and experiment with different patterns and textures! Once you've decided on your ribbon, cut 10-12 inches of it, depending on how large or small you want your bow to be. Then loop the ribbon into your best bow. Using super glue, fasten the bow onto the vamp (toe) of the shoe. 
  5. Don't want to make your own bow? You can buy hair bows from dime stores and remove the backing before gluing them onto your shoes.
  6. Adorning a pair of plain heels doesn't have to stop at bows. You can also get a fake, oversized flower and use that instead.
  7. You can add pizzaz to a pair of boring flats by turning them into ballet shoes!  Cut two pieces of ribbon, each about a foot long.  Glue the ends to the back of the shoe and wait for the glue to set.  Once the ribbon is firmly in place, proceed to wrap the ribbon around your ankle as though they were ballet shoes.  Finish by tying the ribbon into a bow.
  8. Mary Jane flats will also look sweet with a colorful bow. But instead of gluing the bow onto the vamp, place the bow on the strap, near where it meets the heel.

Remember, there's more than one way to make bow-adorned shoes. Try making two small bows and placing them diagonally on the vamp, one above the other.  Or you could make an oversized bow and adorn the middle with a rhinestone.  You can experiment with different ribbon colors too. The only limit is your imagination, so have fun!


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