How To Make Bracelets Using Magnetic Beads

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Do you wish to add something new to your accessories?  Well, consider making your own bracelets using magnetic beads.  Aside from wearing something unique, you also get the chance to improve your health.  Hematite is one of the magnetic beads that you can readily use as materials for your bracelets.  It is known to help improve blood circulation, speed up healing from physical injuries, and relieve pains and aches from migraines and arthritis.  So, it is really practical to design and create your own bracelets using magnetic beads.  And here’s good news, they are not that difficult to do.  Here are the easy-to-follow steps for you:

  • Work out your personal design.  Do you want to fashion a long, single strand and then, wear it by wrapping it a couple of times around your wrist?  Do you plan to customize a multi-strand bracelet, with closed clasps, and use some spacer bars or some focal point beads to hold your strands evenly in line?  Or, do you want to follow a woven design?  You should also factor in your beading wire.  For stringing, your choices include Wrap-It, Beadalon, or SoftFlex.  You can also consider a nylon cord or any other elastic string that you can readily buy from a craft store.
  • Select the beads that can best suit your design.  See to it that at least 1/3 of your beads are magnetic (or hematite).  If you desire to use your bracelet for health reasons, you should go for “super strong” hematite beads.  Most of the time, they are available in black, red, brown, or gray. Check out if your hematite beads complement your non-magnetic beads.  Afterwards, choose your spacer bars or your focal point beads.  Again, factor in the colors.  Also, consider the appropriate sizes, especially if you intend to strictly follow your design.  Here is a tip.  If you want to wear your bracelet as part an evening outfit, you assemble some gray beads (hematite), some black beads (onyx), and some crystals (Swarovski).
  • Execute your design.  Set up everything in a beading tray.  If you don’t have one, you can use a towel (terry cloth) or any other fabric that can prevent your beads from moving or rolling.  Continue by lay outing your design.  That should serve as your guide as you string your beads one by one.  You can also readily figure out if you have enough materials to complete your design.  It is important to place a piece of accent bead with a corresponding spacer bar in between your hematite beads.

Cut your beading wire according to your estimated length.  Give an allowance of at least 5” to account for finishing the end parts of your bracelet.  If you are working on a multi-strand, prepare separate beading wire for each of your strand.  Proceed by stringing your beads following your own design.  Make sure to select a suitable bead that you can use to hide your final knot.

Once you have finished your bracelet, you should be ready to flaunt it.  

Here is an important reminder.  If you are currently wearing a pacemaker, an insulin pump, or any other medical device (electrical), make it a point to get your doctor’s opinion before you consider wearing accessories with hematite beads.  The same rule applies if you are pregnant.


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