How To Make Bracelets with Hammered Metal

You might ask, “Can I actually hammer a metal into a bracelet? Seriously?” Yes, you can. Seriously. Although this seems like a silversmith’s job, making a bracelet with hammered metal is a pretty easy task. Of course, you need some help to do this, so let this how-to article walk you through.

  • Get a metal sheet for your bracelet. Silver sheet is perfect for this project. Cut it into your desired width and length using metal shears. Then, cut and round the corners. Make sure to keep the sheet straightened out while doing this. And be very careful. You don’t want to injure yourself as you cut the metal.
  • File the edges and corners. This is important to prevent the bracelet from scratching and wounding your arm. Do this using a jeweler’s file. Run the file along the edges of the metal, making sure to smooth out the edges as you go. Again, be very careful. The edges and corners are sharp enough to cut your fingers. To be safe, hold the metal with your one hand using a cloth glove, while the other hand files the metal all the way around.
  • Prepare the gem designs. You can have the bracelet plain, but if you want it to be a bit trendy, try putting some gems on it. Start by tracing the shapes of the gems on the metal sheet. Add a half-inch allowance all around. Cut the shape patterns. Put the gems on their patterns, and using pliers, fold up the allowance covering the edges. The gems are now ready to be soldered on the bracelet.
  • Solder the gems. First, make sure to wear goggles and gloves. Then, prepare the flux paste. Dab a small amount of flux on the backside of the gem bottoms, which by now are covered with metal, and put them on the parts of the bracelet where you want to solder them on. Next, put some solder bits on the edges. Then, begin to heat the solder with the torch. Move your torch in a circling motion so that the heat is evenly distributed to the metal parts. The solder will melt after a while, gluing the gems onto the bracelet. Wash away the excess solder after.
  • Bend the metal. Your bracelet remains a strip of metal, so you now have to form it into a bracelet-shape. You can do this using a mandrel and raw hide hammer. Begin by pressing the metal onto the mandrel, and then gently knock the metal with the raw hide hammer. Continue to do this until the metal takes the shape of a bracelet. There should be a small opening in between the ends of the bracelet, which should help you wiggle your wrist in and out of the bracelet.

Your bracelet is now done. Try wearing it and see if there are adjustments you need to make. This bracelet can be worn with any outfit. Use silver earrings and necklace to complete your getup.


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