How To Make Broken China Jewelry

China is a fragile ceramic that is usually used for plates, cups, and other types of dinnerware. China is usually handed down from generation to generation, and kept with as much care as their silver cutlery. Eventually, however, you may find your favorite plate broken and cracked. Instead of throwing this away, transform broken china into jewelry through these easy steps. Apart from recycling the broken pieces, you can also be sure that you end up with a jewel piece that no other person will have.

  1. Choose your china. To make broken china jewelry, the first step is to prepare the china itself. If you have recently broken a plate, take the pieces and assess which chunk you can use to create jewelry. Or, you can also visit local flea markets and choose a plate made of china that you like. The design should be fairly detailed so that even small chunks will stand out with a bit of pattern and print.
  2. Sand the edges. Broken china can be very pointed and the edges can be very dangerous even if you will only wear it as a pendant. To minimize the sharp and jagged edges of the broken china, take very fine sandpaper and use it to smooth out the edges of the china. Make sure that you go against the direction of the edge or the cut, or else you will tear the sandpaper and possible injure yourself. Another way to reduce the sharpness of the broken china is by applying clear white glue on the edges. The glue will dry out and create a cap that will blunt out the edge of the china.
  3. Choose the type of jewelry. Next, choose the type of jewelry that you want. Broken china can be transformed into bracelets, rings, anklets, or necklaces. Making a pendant out of broken china is easiest, since you will not be required to work with very small and delicate pieces. The smaller the pieces, the greater the challenge for you since simply sanding the edges will be difficult if you are working on very small bits of broken china.
  4. Design. Once you have chosen the type of jewelry, the next step is to create the design. For bracelets, you need to have small bits of china that will act as beads. Crafts shops have small hooks that you can glue onto the bits of china so that you can later attach these to a piece of string or wire. For necklaces, you can use a single large chunk of china as a pendant, and use other smaller pieces as the accents.
  5. Secure. Once the design has been determined, take wires and use it to support the chunks of china, if the bits are large enough. Use needle nose pliers to twist the wires into shape. Otherwise, you will have to glue on hooks on small china pieces. For pendants, make sure that the wires are woven around the bits of china in such a way that the china will not fall off. Twist the end of the wire and turn into a little hook. Add a chain to your pendant.

Creativity and resourcefulness is the name of the game when it comes to creating jewelry out of china. Most of the modern jewelers do not only make jewelry out of china but out of many other types of scraps as well. With a little practice, you can jewelry from scratch that will work well even with gowns and dresses.


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