How To Make Canvas Three-Color Handbags

This handbag project is useful if you want to have a personalized handbag. You can choose the colors to use and the dimensions that will fit your needs and lifestyle. Don’t worry about having basic sewing skills. For as long as you can make a stitch, you can manage to make your own canvas three-color handbag. Here are the instructions.

  • Decide on the colors. The colors are entirely up to you. Just make sure to use colors that will look together. If you prefer, you can choose the three most dominant colors in your usual outfit. This way, you can use the handbag with whatever getup.
  • Prepare the canvas. Buy canvas pieces in the colors that you want. Then, cut two strips from each of the canvass pieces. The length and width measurements are entirely your personal choice. If you want bigger handbag, cut the canvas fabrics into bigger and longer strips. If you want a purse of sorts, cut smaller and shorter strips. Make sure, however, to include a half an inch allowance all around.
  • Prepare the handles. Use the darkest-colored canvas for the handles of the bag. You need two thin strips of canvas for this. The length is again up to you. You can have them short or long. But should you choose to have the handles long, make sure they are not too long for a handbag.  
  • Sew the hems. Get one canvas strip. Fold up the allowance and begin to sew the hems using a sewing machine. Make sure to run a strong stitch along the length of the hems. Repeat this on the five remaining strips and on the bag handles.
  • Sew the first three strips together. First, you need to arrange the three canvas strips. You can arrange them in any order that you want. For instance, you can put the darkest color in the middle, while the more subdued colors are on the sides. Sew the three strips together on their hems so that the stitches will be the on the inside when you turn the bag right side out. When completed, these strips will be the first side of the bag.
  • Sew the other set of three strips. You can follow the arrangement of the previous batch of strips or you can make an entirely different arrangement for this set. Just make sure that the arrangements of the first and the second batches of canvas strips complement each other. Now, sew this set in the same way you sewed the first set. This set will be the other side of the bag.
  • Sew the two sides together.  Begin by placing the two sides on top of each other. Then, start to sew from one end all the way to the other end, leaving the top edge open. Make sure to do double stitches to ensure the durability of the bag.  
  • Attach the handles. While the bag is still turned right side in, place the two ends of one handle on the top center edge of the bag. Make an X stitch on both ends. Do the same thing to the other handle, sewing it on the other side of the bag. Turn the bag right side out, and you’re done!

You can make more bags if you have spare fabrics. Give the bags to your friends, so when you shop or go out, you all have the same colored canvas bags.


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