How To Make Clothing Fire Retardant

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Flame retardant clothing is ideal for children as it is an added safety measure.  Not that kids burst into flames, but since they are curious and would like to explore their environment a lot, it would appease parents to be cautious. You never know when accidents and mishaps are going to happen.

Many fabric items meant for children today now come treated with flame retardant solution. The solution is, in itself, guaranteed and recommended by fire department officials, to keep your kids safe from harm.

However if you really want to be sure, you can treat the clothes yourself. Here is what you need to make your child's clothes a lot more flame retardant:

  1. First, you will need a large bucket to put the clothes in as you will be washing them with the solution. You would also need borax and boric acid. You can get these at the grocery or hardware store.
  2. In the bucket, prepare about a gallon of water and add about 5 ounces of borax and 5 ounces of boric acid.
  3. Use a stick to stir the water in. Mix the solution really well.
  4. Put the clothes in that bucket and let it stay for a few minutes. If you can't soak it in, transfer the solution to a spray bottle instead and use it for spraying on the clothes.
  5. Let these clothes dry, as you would do in any other types of washing. But wait until 24 hours to use the clothes again.

Do these steps as often as you can. Of course, if you have to treat soiled clothes, make sure to wash them well with soap and water first before dousing with the solution.

  • It would be a good idea to keep a spray bottle containing the solution handy so that you wouldn't have to wash and dry all the time. The spray bottle may also be used for other things such as a sofa surface, for example.
  • Do not worry about your children becoming uncomfortable wearing flame retardant clothes, as they will not feel anything from it. There is neither odor nor texture coming from clothes that have undergone the treatment, so they can wear these clothes like usual.
  • Should the child perspire, flame retardant fabrics absorb moisture really well and it also offers cooler relief, compared to fabrics that are left untreated.
  • If you want the solution to last longer, the clothes can be dry cleaned after the chemicals have already been sprayed or soaked. The heat from dry cleaning will sort of seal in the solution for a longer period. Many liquid fabric softeners, however, seem to reduce the effect the chemicals. So decide on whether which of the two you would have to use often.

If you don’t want to make your own solution though, you can check with fabric stores. Some of these stores usually carry flame retardant sprays, as it is most recommended and popular with many cautious homeowners.


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