How To Make Decorative Flip-Flops

Stylish flip flops

Women these days love to wear flip flops when they go to the beach or when they take a stroll in the park. You can see various kinds of decorative flip flops in the market, but you don’t have to purchase the ready-made products if you know how to make your own. Follow the steps below and by the end of this article, you have created your own decorative flip flops.

Things you need. You will need a pair of plain flip flops, scissors, ribbons, beads, glue, measuring tape, and beading wire. These things can be obtained from a local department store and you need to prepare them before you start with the project.

Ribbon. Measure the flip flops’ V strap and add at least 1” to the measurement. Cut 2 ribbons to the specific length you have obtained. Place the ribbon on your working table with the shiny side facing down. Put glue at both ends and fold it to at least 1/2”. Leave the ribbons to dry.

Beading. You will need to cut the beading wire in the same length as the ribbons and make knots at the end. This will ensure that the beads will not fall off once you string them. You can now string the beads and the color or design will usually be dependent on your preferences. You will need two wires with the stringed beads and do not forget to tie knots once you have finished beading the design. Glue the ribbons to the V strap of the flip flops and leave it to dry. Then you will glue the beads on top of the ribbon. Make sure that the glue has already dried a bit to secure the beads before you let it go.

Extra tips. Choose a ribbon that is the same width as the V strap of your flip flops. Craft glue is the best choice because it is clear and flexible. Get glass beads that are the same size as peanuts. You can also use medium or large beads. It’s not a good idea to use a thread for the beads because the thread breaks easily whereas the beading wire is sturdier. Make sure that you experiment on the design of the beads before you string them. That way, you do not have to repeat all over again and you can also save time and effort. If you do not like beads, you can always use rhinestones, sequins, and glue jewels.

It is not hard to create your own decorative flip flops. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can go a long way. If you buy the ready-made ones, it will be pricier than the regular flip flops but if you decorate it on your own, you can save the money and use it for buying other items. Start by buying the needed supplies like glue, beads, wire, and ribbons. After that, you can work on the flip flops.


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