How To Make Decorative Jewelry Boxes

Making jewelry boxes is great fun. It stimulates your creativity and makes for a great hobby. You can make jewelry for yourself, or for your friends. They are great personal gifts as they are more intimate. You can even start your own arts and crafts business! All you need is a little creativity to make your jewelry box.

Here are the steps to take when making your very own jewelry box:

  1. Choose the base material for your jewelry box. You can buy ready to decorate jewelry boxes from arts and crafts store. They are  inexpensive, and can be made from a variety of materials. Those made from paper are  easy to decorate. However, they have a shorter lifespan as they can easily be damaged by water. A more durable substitute would be ready to decorate wooden jewelry boxes. The type of wood is all up to you. Ready to decorate jewelry boxes can come in many shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to start from scratch, you can buy materials from arts and crafts store. They can take a little more experience to assemble, especially for circular shapes. But with a little patience, even beginners can do it. If you want a unique jewelry box, you can try assembling it from glass. Glass jewelry boxes can be a one of a kind addition to your collection.
  2. Start thinking about the decoration of your jewelry box. Use your imagination. You can use a variety of things to decorate your jewelry box. Various types of beads can be used. You can glue them on with some hot glue in a pretty pattern. If you want, you can even go the extra mile cover your jewelry box in a luxurious fabric. Precious gemstones can also be used for more high-end jewelry boxes. For environment friendly jewelry boxes, you can use various beans and seeds on a paper jewelry box. Arts and crafts stores sell trinkets to decorate your jewelry box with. You are only limited by your imagination.
  3. Do you want any add-ons? You can put many accessories in your jewelry box. Mirrors are always a convenient add on. You can stick them inside the lid of your jewelry box. Try putting a small music box inside your jewelry box. Just like the classic music jewelry boxes, when the lid comes off, a musical score will play. If you want to make your jewelry box extra special with a music box, you have two options. You can go for a mechanical, wind up device to play music. You will need enough space in your box for the device and the wind up mechanism. You may need to modify your box a little bit. Traditional music jewelry boxes have the same mechanical device. You can also choose to put an electronic music device on your music jewelry box. Electronic music devices are easier to install, as they operate very simply.

It is very easy to make jewelry boxes. You can update them to make them more contemporary looking, or make them very simply to give a classic feel. Whatever you do, always remember to let your unique personality shine through. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be making a beautiful jewelry box in no time.


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