How To Make Egyptian Jewelry

According to historical information, Egyptians created and used jewelry not for embellishment and vanity. Quite the contrary, they looked at jewelry as talismans, amulets, and protection from evil magic. These jewelry pieces were worn from infancy to death and the more protection they needed, the more they piled up on all sorts of gold and colored gems representing a particular mystical protection. In fact, it was believed that these were necessary even after death to protect them through their journey into the afterlife.

Today, Egyptian-style jewelry thrives because it is beautiful and one-of-a-kind. It is so desired that it is quite expensive to own it, especially the vintage kind with emeralds, amethyst, and Lapis Lazuli inlays.

However, expensive doesn’t mean you can’t own one. You simply have to be enterprising and inquisitive to have one. Translation: Tap into your inner Cleopatra by making your own Egyptian jewelry right at home. You just need your computer to Google the designs you want plus the following materials:

  • Necklace/Anklets/Hoop Earrings: 800 silver metal wiring – meaning 80% silver composition in your metal material
  • Bracelet: Stackable silver bangles or stackable Gold-plated bangles if you prefer Gold to Silver but take the ones with clasps you can open and close. You can combine both silver and gold, too.
  • Wire cutter
  • Scissors
  • Glass gems, stones, and Egyptian symbols
  • Pliers

As mentioned, you have to search the Internet for the designs that will inspire you to create your own Egyptian jewelry – necklace, bangles, rings, anklets, bracelets - this is entirely up to your taste and fashion sense.

After picking your designs, head off to an arts & crafts or accessory store and gather the gems, stones, and Egyptian symbols you want.

Egyptian Necklace/Anklet/Hoop Earrings:

  1. Take the metal wiring. Use your scissors to cut off the right size or diameter that you will need for the necklace, anklet, and hoop earrings. Now remember that your metal wiring is pliable enough to shape it into the form that you want based on the designs you picked so go ahead and experiment with it.
  2. Now take your gems, stones, and Egyptian symbols and begin looping these into your metal wiring.
  3. When you are fully satisfied about the design. Use a pair of pliers to twist the metal wiring shut.

Egyptian Bracelet:

  1. Take you stackable bangles and open the clasps.
  2. Begin to loop your gems, stones, and Egyptian symbols into each bangle. Do this alternately with both silver and gold bangles.
  3. Once properly stacked, you can close the clasps on each finished bangle.

TIP: Silver is prone to tarnishing and dulling after a certain period of time simply because it reacts to air and sweat. Even when stored properly, you will still have to clean it to maintain its luster. Baking soda and water will do the trick for you. Just combine these to form a paste. Take a soft sponge, dip this into the mixture, and apply it on the silver. Rinse with hot water and wipe your silver dry. Prior to cleaning it, you will have to remove your gems, stones, and Egyptian symbols from your silver wiring then place it back again after it’s been cleaned.


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