How To Make Felt Shoes

Felt shoes are very delicate. They feel comfortable and can be worn as slippers in the bedroom or around the house. They are great footwear when would like to dress like an elf or wear other fantasy costumes. Because of its soft and lightweight material, felt would be ideal for making baby booties.  The fabric is so easy to handle, you can make felt shoes without hitches.

Follow these easy steps to creating your own felt shoes:

  1. Prepare the things you need such as a measure tape, scissors, some pins to hold the material in place, a needle for sewing, paper and pencil for measuring.
  2. Have your pattern ready. You can get the pattern by tracing each foot on a paper using a pencil. Draw a line around the feet while making sure to provide some allowance of about half an inch away from it. When you're done with the trace, cut the pattern. This should be used to measure the sole of the felt shoes.
  3. Lay this pattern down on your felt material. Use pins to set it in place, and once that is done, you can cut the felt based on this. You now have the base of your felt shoes.
  4. To make the top sides of the shoes, place the felt pattern on a paper and then draw curvy lines to the shape of a U. The line should only take about two-thirds of the felt pattern. Once you are done tracing, cut watt you have on the paper.
  5. Similar to what you did for the third step, lay this paper pattern on to the felt material, pin it down to hold it, and then cut it away. You now have the top side of your felt shoes.
  6. With your two sets of patterns, you must them join them together by pinning down the curved edges against the top side edges of the sole.
  7. Sewing follows next. Use whipstitch to put together what you have just pinned. When this is down, you have now completed at least half of this felt shoe project
  8. Now, it's time to close the back side. Cut a strip of felt fabric. Make sure that this is long enough to wrap and tighten the shoes. You would need to tuck this strip on the shoe's top edge, so set it in place first using pins. Whipstitch this once it is set in place.
  9. Do the same for the other pair of the shoes.
  10. To make this prettier, you can add a few embellishments such as bows or sequences. Beads may also work but you just have to make sure the baby won't be able to reach it and play with it.

You can make this in plenty of different colors to get more choices. Not only are felt shoes easy to make, these are also very easy to maintain and clean as the material is washable.


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