How To Make Gold Rings

To make gold rings, you have two options. One is to take your gold materials (gold ore, old gold jewelry or gold nuggets) to a goldsmith and have them melted and crafted into rings. Another choice is by doing the rings yourself, using some household tools and your own creative ideas.

If you want to make gold rings on your own, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Assemble all the materials in making gold rings. You will need: old gold jewelry or gold nuggets, castings or molds for rings, welding protective gear (mask, gloves and coveralls), ceramic bowl, tongs, metal file and oxy-acetate or butane torch.
  2. Make a mold according to your design. You may use any kind of molding material that is available. Rubber, clay or wax molds are just fine as long as they are malleable enough to set the form of your desired design. If you don’t want to go through this procedure anymore, you may buy ready to use ring molds from metal shops or craft stores.
  3. Examine your gold material. If you are using old gold jewelry, you may want to know their carat before melting them together. Ask a certified jeweler to inspect your jewelry and seek his advice as to what pieces of jewelry can be melted and molded together based on their carats.
  4. Get ready to melt the gold. Put on your welding protective gear: mask, gloves, and coveralls. Place the materials on a table as high as your waist. Situate your work area beside an electric socket and make sure there is a sink with tap water nearby that you can readily use in case of accidental burns.
  5. Lay the gold material on the ceramic bowl and start the acetylene torch, directing the heat to the gold. Point the flame steadily to the gold as it melts down slowly.
  6. As soon the gold has melted, quickly transfer it to the mold then let it stand for several hours to harden as it cools. Wait for the mold to completely cool before removing the ring. If you take it out prematurely, the ring that is still soft at this stage may become deformed.
  7. Once you are sure the ring is already cold and rigid, take it out from the mold.  Examine the result very well by feeling the surface and spotting rough edges and deformed areas.
  8. Wear the ring and take note how it fits around your finger. Adjust the size accordingly by polishing the sides of the hole with a metal file until the desired size is achieved. Use the metal file also in smoothing rough edges. Do this many times over until such time that you are satisfied with the overall texture of the ring.
  9. Embed stones on the ring as you desire with the help of a goldsmith. You can use ruby, topaz, pearl or any kind of natural or synthetic stones as adornments. Just make sure the stone colors will go nicely with the gold tone and carat of your ring.

When making gold rings for the first time, it is advised that you read brochures and guide books on jewelry making. This way you can gather useful ideas and instructions that will guide you as you carry out this project.


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