How To Make Handcrafted Wire Jewelry

Learning how to make simple handcrafted wire jewelry is quick and easy. Wire wrapped jewelry has recently become very popular, and the materials and tools needed are inexpensive and readily available. In no time at all anyone can be crafting handmade wire jewelry to wear, to give as gifts, or to sell.

Here you will learn how to make simple wire wrapped bead pendant earrings completely handmade by you. All materials and tools can be purchased at a craft or jewelry supply store.

You will need 20- gauge jewelry wire of copper, silver or gold-fill and two ½ long glass or gemstone beads in teardrop, briolette, or marquis shape. I recommend starting with less expensive copper wire if you are a complete beginner.

The tools you will use are a small pair of wire cutters, needle nosed pliers, round pliers, a metal file, a ruler and a round, not faceted, pen or pencil.

To begin, measure 4 to 6 inches of wire and cut with the clippers Thread it through one bead leaving a short side with 1 inch sticking out. Press the two sides of wire together with your fingers to form an even triangular shape, centering the bead. Twist the short end of the wire around the long end neatly three times and clip off any excess wire.

Make a loop with the round pliers on the long end of the wire. Holding it steady with the pliers, wrap the remaining end evenly down the wire and continue down the bead, wrapping to the hole or farther, depending on your taste. Carefully bring the remainder of the wire straight up the back of the bead and wrap twice under the loop to secure it.

Clip all but ¼ inch off of any excess and tuck the end down the center of the wrapped top.

Repeat the above steps with the second bead, wrapping the wire the same number of times so they match.

Cut two more pieces of wire 2 ½ inches long. Make a small U-shaped loop ½ an inch from one end with the round pliers. Thread it through the loop of the wrapped bead, then secure it by wrapping two times around the long end. With the needle nose pliers, bend the remaining wire forward 1/8 inch above the wrap. Take the pen or pencil and carefully form the wire around it to make an ear hook. Repeat with the other bead.

Check for any rough areas where the wire was snipped and use the metal file to smooth.

Congratulations! You have made your first simple handcrafted wire jewelry project. Using these skills, your imagination and different beads you can design and craft more handmade wire earrings, bead and wire pendants, bracelets and even necklaces.


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