How To Make Handmade Stud Earrings

Colored stud earrings

Simplicity is beauty as they say, but wearing jewelry can help improve our looks. Wearing a pair of earrings helps to make us look elegant, fashionable and attractive. Stud earrings have these characteristics, they are simple but elegant depending on which material is used; and they never go out of fashion. Making your own stud earrings would be a satisfying project since they are your owncreation. Here are some ideas, which you could follow if you plan to make your own handmade stud earrings.

Tools and Materials

Stud or button earrings have three major components: the stud or button, which is basically the bead, jewel, gem or stone, the earring post and the earring back. Depending on the sensitivity of the skin of the wearer, decide on what kind of metal you will use for the earring post and the earring back. Quality metals like gold, silver, and stainless steel are expensive but they will not make your earlobe itchy and sore. If your earlobe is not sensitive to corrosion, base metals could be used. You may use plastic materials if your earlobes are sensitive to metals.

There are earring posts made of plastic material, but this material won't add quality and elegance to your project. For the studs, there are a wide of variety of gems or stones that you could choose from: pearl, zirconia, topaz, beads, onyx and a lot more. You will also need glue that is compatible for attaching the stud or button to the earring post. As for the tools, a pair of blunt nose jewelry pliers and a jewelry wire cutter are the only necessary tools in making the stud earrings.


In making your handmade stud earrings, just follow the basic steps below. The procedure is very easy so even a craft-challenged individual can easily produce their own studs.

  1. Sand the flat end of the post and the flat end of the stone or bead. Sanding helps the material to accept the glue.
  2. Glue the stone or bead to the post base, following the manufacturer’s directions in using the glue.
  3. Let it dry completely.
  4. Attach the earring back and it's ready for use.

Tips on doing this craft

  • Don’t limit your creativity. You can only claim that it is your creation when you design it yourself.
  • Don’t despair if your first creation was not as impressive as you want it to be. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.
  • Use the best material. It will cost you a little but the outcome will be worth it.
  • Visit craft stores and browse for the latest jewelry styles. You can gain ideas that will help you in creating your own design.

Knowing the tools and materials, along with some tips and guided by these very basic and simple steps, you are now equipped to make your own handmade stud earrings.


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