How To Make Hemp Necklaces

The first step in making a hemp necklace is to select the type of hemp twine you'll be using.  The twine comes in a variety of colors and sizes, although most hemp jewelry is natural in color. Twine also comes in different millimeters of thickness, so be sure to choose the one that's right for the type of necklace want, whether you want it thick or thin.  Hemp twine can also be smooth or rough texture, which can be a determining factor in the type of twine to use.

Once the twine has been selected, you'll need to cut it into four separate lengths.  Two of the pieces of twine should be at least five times longer than the others, since they'll be used for knotting.  The other two should be slightly longer than what you want the finished necklace to be.  Also take into account how many beads you'll be adding while you knot, because the more beads you have the less hemp you'll need.

Now that the twine has been cut into the appropriate lengths, it's time to start knotting it to form the necklace.  There are two types of simple knots.  With the four strands of twice laying together, with the two shorter ones in the middle and one of the longer pieces on each side of them, bring the strand on the right across the two middle strands and under the long strand on the left.  Take the strand you just went under on the left under the two in the middle and under the strand on the right.  This is the first type of knot.  With the strands crisscrossed around the middle strands, take the strand on the left and bring it over the middle strands and back under the strand on the right.  Take the right strand and bring it under the middle strands and up over the strand on the left.  Pull the second knot tight, and you've just completed the two types of hemp knotting.

If you want to add decorative bead accents to your necklace while you're knotting, just slide them on the middle strands and tie the two longer strands into a knot around them.  Continue knotting to the end of the twine, then finish the necklace by either tying the ends together or using a metal clasp that slides onto the ends of the twine.  Any way you choose to finish the piece means you've successfully completed your first hemp necklace.


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