How To Make Jeans Look Worn

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A brand new pair of jeans can sometimes be too plain. You want your jeans to have the comfortable, lived-in look. Here are some tips to help you get that worn look for your jeans.

Step 1

Use a grater. To make your jeans look naturally worn, you need to add wear to the right places on each leg. The knees are common areas for wear to appear, as well as the leg bottoms. Even the bum of pants tends to show wear from time to time! Keeping these places in mind, find yourself a handheld cheese grater. Place the rough side of the grater against the area on your jeans that you want to look worn. And then just start scraping away at your pants! Stop to assess your progress every so often. And try to avoid consistent scrape marks by moving your grater around to different areas of your jeans. You want the worn spots you add to your jeans to look natural, not obviously done by hand.

Step 2

Try rocks. Rocks are another way to make your jeans look worn. Just find any rock, large or small, that has a slightly sharp edge to it. Run the sharp edge of the rock against front of your jeans, both on the thigh and at the knee. Don't forget to do the backside of the jean as well. If you haven't got a rock to scrape your jeans with, try a metal kitchen scraper (for dirty pots and pans) or a fork. You could even grind your pants against some rough pavement. Anything with sharp or abrasive edges will give your jeans that worn look.

Step 3

Add a few tears. Nothing looks more worn than a hole or two in your jeans. And even if your jeans are brand new, you can easily add this type of wear yourself. You can add long tears across the knee of your jeans to give it a worn look, or you can put a few small random holes in the front of your jeans. Don't go overboard though - you don't want your pants looking like swish cheese. No more than 4 or 5 holes in each pant leg are enough to make your jeans look worn.

Step 4

Add some paint or bleach. If you really want to enhance the worn look of your jeans, you can consider using a substance to do this. Grab some paint - white, most likely - and an old toothbrush. Then just run your finger along the bristles to ‘splatter' paint onto your jeans. A larger paintbrush will create larger spackle marks. You can do the same with bleach. Just dip your brush into the bleach in well-ventilated area, and then flick your brush at your jeans. You'll have instant wear marks!

Step 5

Throw them in the wash. After any of these procedures, you need to wash your jeans. And don't turn them inside out! Washing them right-side out will help the color to fade, enhancing the worn look. Washing your jeans also helps cuts and holes to fray, which is absolutely necessary for a worn look with jeans. If you still aren't happy with the look of your jeans, repeat any of these ‘wearing' procedures several times, and run your jeans through your wash a few times after that. After a few attempts, you should be able to create the perfect worn look with your jeans.


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