How To Make Jewelry at Home

Jewelry is usually associated with money and expensive trinkets. However, you can actually create jewelry at home. This is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing jewelry. Even better, making your own pieces allows you to customize the jewelry so that you can tailor the pieces to suit your clothes and your style.

Determine what jewelry you will create. The first step is to determine the type of jewelry that you want to create. Jewelry can be anything, ranging from anklets to elegant necklaces with large and intricately created pendants and chains. The type of jewelry that you make will determine the difficulty of the process. For instance, creating Japanese beaded rings will only require a bead set, some thread, and a needle. On the other hand, you will need a supply of silver and other metals if you want to create metal jewelry from scratch. Your resources, time, and skill level will determine the types of jewelry and the styles of jewelry that should make.

Take classes and training. There are simple jewelry and accessories that you can create with minimal training, but if you are serious about creating jewelry at home, you should take basic classes and jewelry making training programs. This is especially useful if you are thinking of creating jewelry for a small business. If you will deal with semi precious stones, you should also know how to determine the quality of gems. For instance, you should be able to determine the cut, color, and carat of a stone which will save you the costs of having to hire a jewelry tester who will evaluate gems and stones for you.

Prepare the materials. Next, prepare the materials that you will need. You will need basics such as cords, threads, beads, pliers, cutters, clasps, clutches, studs, ear wires, and many other types of materials that will constitute the base of the jewelry. You will also need a collection of chains in various shapes, sizes, designs, and colors to complement the pendants that you will make. The materials can be very cheap, if you are using synthetics or strings and fibers. These, however, can also be very expensive especially if you are creating jewelry made from gold or other precious metals.

Create a workspace
. Once the materials are prepared, you need to set a part of your home as a workspace. This will be your jewelry making office. The space does not need to be large, but it needs to be fitted with enough lighting and a window to allow air to ventilate into the area. Air is particularly important if you are smelting your own metals and molding your own jewelry pieces. You should also get a large cabinet with plenty of small drawers where the jewelry making materials and tools can be fitted.

Finally, create a schedule that will allow you to fit in jewelry making with your other activities. If you are creating jewelry as a part time trade, this is especially important. Once you have all of these in mind, transforming your home into jewelry workshop is possible.


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