How To Make Jewelry from Old Spoons

Making your own jewelry out of old sterling silver spoons is a great way to transform unusable spoons into something beautiful and valuable. There are plenty of flea markets that will sell these spoons at rock bottom prices, which makes the project affordable. Here’s how.

Select a spoon. Visit the flea markets for a selection of old spoons. For a small ring, you should select a teaspoon that has a narrow handle. You can also use larger spoons if you are planning on creating rings which are larger. The design for the ring will come mainly from the design on the spoon handle, so look at the handle first. Once the spoon is ready, place it in a water of silver solution to clean off the spoon. Use a soft cloth to polish the silver to a shine.

Remove the bowl. To remove the bowl of the spoon, take masking tape and place it on the vise to act as padding that will protect the spoon. Place the spoon in the vise and secure into place. Make sure that the vise is not too tight which can disfigure the handle of the spoon. For particularly soft silver spoons, tie rubber bands on the spoon to protect it from the vise. Use a hack saw to gently cut the spoon bowl off. The spoon bowl should be saved for making other types of spoon jewelry.

Smooth the edges. The hacksaw will leave rough edges on the spoon handle where the spoon bowl was cut. Remove these by using a piece of emery cloth. There are also ring files that you can use to remove the edges. For larger and stubborn jagged edges in the spoon, you can use the rubber mallet to soften the edges and remove the jagged edges. Be careful not to smooth out the rest of the ring’s details in the spoon handle.

Round the ring
. To create the shape for the ring, take the spoon handle and wrap it on a mandrel design for rings. Use your fingers to get the basic outline of the spoon handle onto the mandrel, and use the rubber mallet to make sure that a full and complete circle is created. Take out the ring and then use an emery cloth or a rubber mallet to soften the edges of the ring. Try the ring on for size, and then adjust it using the mandrel and the rubber mallet.

Apart from rings, you can also use an old silver spoon to create other types of jewelry. The cut off piece of spoon bowl can be used to create a pendant if you add stones and other decorations onto the piece .add a clasp or drill a small hole to allow you to place the pendant on a chain. You can also create bracelets by using a long handled spoon. Use the mandrel again to create the round outline, and polish the edges using the emery cloth and the rubber mallet. Through these steps, creating jewelry out of old sterling silver spoons is possible.


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