How To Make Jewelry with Paper

Store-bought jewelry is not only expensive but also typical. If you are tired of seeing other people wearing the same accessories that you have, try making your own jewelry with paper. Paper jewelry is very strong when done properly, and is easy to decorate and customize. Engage in a DIY paper jewelry project through these steps.

Choose the paper. There are various types of papers that you can use to create paper jewelry. You can choose simple white paper or you can choose sheets of paper with specific prints and designs. When choosing the type of paper for the project, make sure that the details are small enough to be visible when the paper is transformed into small beads.  You can also choose paper sheets with texture, to make the paper beads stand out.

Cut the strips. Take a piece of paper and cut these lengthwise into strips that are half an inch in length. Once the strips are made, take a cutter and cut the strips diagonally so that each strip will yield two elongated triangles. The triangular shape will make it easier to roll the paper strips later into paper beads.

Roll. Take a toothpick and roll the elongated triangular strips into the toothpick. Make sure that the strips are rolled as tight as possible. Once you have reached the end of the strip, add another dot of glue on the end of the strip so that you will have a fully formed bead. For decoration, add a piece of crimp bead on the tip of the paper. Use glue to attach this into place.  Roll the piece of paper on the topmost part of the toothpick, without removing it from the toothpick.

Paint. While the paper roll is still attached to the toothpick, add lacquer or nail polish on the paper surface. Create at last three layers, to ensure that the paper roll will not unfurl and to ensure that the paper beads are very strong. You also need to make sure that each layer of lacquer or nail polish has completely dried out, before painting on the next layer. This will prevent blotches and air bubbles from forming on the surface of the paper beads. If you are using plain paper, you can also paint on various designs onto the beads. You can pain the beads in a variety of solid colors and then arrange the beads in alternating colors later on.

Dry. To allow the paper beads to dry out, place the rolled pieces of paper on a Styrofoam block or corkboard, using the toothpicks to keep the rolls in place. Once the beads have completely dried out, remove the toothpicks.

Attach. Finally, take a piece of wire and attach the beads into the wire. You can also attach large beads as centerpieces for the paper jewelry. With the beads, you can create necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and other types of simple accessories.

You can use newspaper, used printer paper, and even recycled paper to create your paper jewelry. Not only will you stand out with your paper jewelry, but you will also be able to make use of bits of paper that will otherwise become trash.


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