How To Make Metal Chain Belts

There are a number of materials that can be used as fashion accessories. Metals are one of them. Metal is used in making necklaces, headbands and bracelets. Metal chains are also good to use in making belts. There are different ways a belt can be designed and accessorized using metal chains. In fact, you yourself can make one that will go along with your favorite clothing and one that matches your personality well.

Start with the Measurement. Begin the activity by taking your measurements. Use a measuring tape to get the size of your waist. Others would like their belts to wrap around their hips. This is dependent on the way the belt will be worn. Either way, this will tell you how long the metal chain will be. You can add two inches or more if you would like the belt to be adjustable. This will also work for those who would like to add extra flare to the belt for draping or perhaps dangling accessories.

Get the chains. There are a number of ways on how you can get your metal chain for the project. You can work with an old chain belt and recycle or redecorate it for this project. Another is to purchase the metal chains. Take note of the measurement that you have taken and order this from the crafts store or you can also check those that offer notions for sewing. There are different styles and designs of metal chains that you can choose from. Some have links with openings and they may even vary in sizes. This really depends on your preference and style. You can work on one or multiple layers as you please.

Design the belt. Work on accessorizing. There are a number of ways on how you can go about styling the belt. You can use stones, jewelry, charms, ribbon and a whole lot more to personalize the metal belt. These are but just some of the suggestions that you can use as adornments and they can easily be purchased likewise in craft stores. Use hoops to attach them to the links of the metal chain. Use pliers to secure them in place. Be creative in designing your belt. If you feel that this is challenging, then you may browse the Internet to get ideas that you can use as guides.

Adjust as necessary
. Check on the belt to check if it fits well. Make the adjustments as necessary. Also check and make sure that the accessories and the lock are secured in place. Use the pliers if you are going to tighten or adjust the hoops until it fits your body perfectly.

A metal chain belt can be very fashionable. It can work wonders in further accentuating and accessorizing your favorite clothing. They can go well with dresses, slacks and even jeans. Make several designs to match your varying styles. Creating your own chain belt proves to be a fun and practical project.


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