How To Make Mosaic Jewelry

Mosaic art need not be limited to your wall or home. You can expand it to even jewelry. Mosaic jewelry is fun to adorn and can exude uniqueness in a person. At the same time, it can be another cheap but classy fashion accessory. Wearing mosaic jewelry is not as fun as making it. It is easy and you can use virtually any scrap glass or ceramic material. Your mother’s precious china can be broken into tiny pieces and fitted onto your pendant. Just make sure to ask permission first.

  1. Finalize the pattern. To start off with you new mosaic jewelry project, the first thing to do is to draw jewelry to act as a design base. Get a piece of paper and a pencil and trace the jewelry shape onto the paper. Use the flat acrylic jewelry you have as the tracing model.
  2. Gather the materials. For this project, you will need to collect and gather the scrap glass or china for the project. If the pieces are too big, crush them down into smaller pieces. You can purchase ready-made mosaic craft glass pieces at your local crafts supplies store if you think this is better. Make sure to purchase craft glue. Some people opt to use grout since it holds better but it is much easier to use craft glue. Prepare a pair of tweezers and a toothpick as they will become handy later when you are applying the glue and the glass.
  3. Prepare the materials. Get some wax paper and spread all the glass pieces onto it emulating the desired pattern. Place a few squirts of glue on the paper as well and get the tweezers and toothpick and place them near you. This will make the all the materials reachable for you.
  4. Glue the glass or china. Since everything is comfortably within your reach, get the toothpick. Get a drop of glue and place the drop onto the jewelry acrylic base. A tiny drop will do. Using the tweezers, grab the glass piece and place it on top of the glue. Firmly put the glass piece in place using the tweezers. If you have nimble fingers, you can opt to use them as well. The best place to start gluing is at the center of the base working outwards. This is to ensure that each previous piece you glued will not move when you glue the next piece. Just follow the design you drew up earlier and you should be fine. Once you complete the design, let the glue sit overnight to dry.

You are now ready to wear your acrylic jewelry as a necklace, brooch or an earring. Now you have a unique piece of jewelry to wear.

Mosaic jewelry is not limited to using glass or ceramic pieces. Some mosaic art make use of other indigenous materials. Others like to utilize metals as the main component. Regardless of material, mosaic jewelry can really bring out the personality of an individual through art.


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