How To Make Mukluks

Wearing walking boots

Mukluks are a soft moccasin-like boot, which were first worn by Native Americans in the Arctic.  These shoes were traditionally constructed from either seal skin or reindeer skin. They are often adorned with rabbit or fox fur, ties, beads, trim, and pompoms. Mukluks are similar to the currently fashionable Ugg boots.  Ugg boots are a modern sheep skin boot with a wool lining that look like a simplified mukluk.  An easy way to make your own mukluks is with a pair of Ugg boots.

To turn Ugg boots into more traditional looking mukluks, you will need fur, leather ties, pompoms, and possibly native American looking trim or paint if desired.  Generally, the ankle part of the mukluk is covered in fur. This is generally from a couple inches from the top of the boot down to the heel.  The fur will usually be between four and eight inches tall, depending on how tall your boots are.  First cut your fur so it's the height you would like it to be, but leave it in a long strip because you still have to figure out the length.  Take the end of your strip and pin it along the back seam of your boot.  Then wrap it around the boot how it will be when the boot is finished.  Mark where the fur meets up with where it is pinned in the back.  Then add one inch for seam allowance and cut it there.  Then take the fur off and sew it so that it is now a tube of fur.  There will be ½ inch seam allowance for each end.  Then, you can slip the fur over the boot into place.  You can either sew it to the mukluk boot to keep it in place, or if that's too difficult, you can just use fabric glue.

On the very top of the mukluk on the outer edge, you should add a leather tie.  This can be a knot or a bow.  On the ends of the tie, you will need fur pompoms.  You can either use store-bought pompoms, or you can make them out of your other fur.  Often, right above the fur, there is a Native American looking woven trim that goes around the boot horizontally.  Mukluks often either have this or a Native American inspired design painted on.  The painted part is most often a diamond or some sort of diamond pattern.  These traditionally touches will complete the look.


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