How To Make Neck Coolers

Scarf for neck

When your body starts to overheat on a hot, sweltering day, the easiest way to bring your temperature down is with a neck cooler. All you need is a few simple items from your craft store and you can make your own neck coolers at home.

Cotton fabric 45” long
Fabric pen
Sewing machine
1 teaspoon polymer granules


  1. Cut the fabric into strips. Cut the strips 4 ½ inches wide.
  2. Use one strip to create a tube. Take the strip with the print side of the fabric facing up. Fold the strip in half lengthwise. Sew a seam at the top ¼ inch. Then roll the tube to turn it right side out. The printed side of the fabric should now face outward and the seam is on the inside.
  3. Fold the tube in half. Sew a seam at this midway point.
  4. Fold each half in half. Mark each seam with fabric pen.
  5. Use funnel to fill half the tube. Drop 1/8 of tsp of crystals into the tube on one side.
  6. Sew a seam at the marked point. This seam will seal the crystals into the pocket created in the tube. Drop another 1/8 tsp of crystals into the side where you just made the seam. Once there sew the final seam on that side to seal off the new pocket.
  7. Repeat steps five and six on the other side of the tube. With this you have completed half of your neck cooler.
  8. Repeat the process again from steps two through seven. This creates the second half of the neck cooler.
  9. Once both halves are complete, use a third strip of the fabric to cover both tubes. Sew the seam shut at the top of the fabric and both sides.
  10. Now your neck cooler is ready to use. The polymer crystals react with water then expand and retain the coolness of the water. Splash the cooler with cool water then place it around your neck. The cooler will keep your body temperature at a reasonable and comfortable level.

Creating your own neck cooler at home seems difficult but all it takes is this simple steps. Make sure when you make your tubes that you leave room in each pocket for the crystals to expand once wet. This expansion is what allows the crystals to stay cool for long periods of time.


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