How To Make Non-Pierced Body Jewelry

Body piercing has been a practice for almost five thousand years. The proof of the earliest body piercing is evident in a mummy sporting a pair of earrings. Body piercing is any action that is attributed to making a hole or a puncture in any part of the body to make an opening. This opening is used to place any form of jewelry.

While ear piercing is a common practice among girls and even boys so that earrings can be worn, body piercing is not limited to these parts of the body. More and more individuals have developed liking towards piercing bellies, tongues, noses, lips and even eyebrows.

Body piercing can be both spiritually inclined or beauty inclined. If you are developing some interests in body piercing but refuse to deal with any physical pain or a long-term commitment with the openings, then you can opt to wear non-pierced body jewelry. Most jewelry shops and even fashion accessory stores sell non-pierced body jewelry. There are a lot of fancy earrings that are simply clipped on the ears to make them appear as if they are really worn on pierced ears.

Making your own pieces of body jewelry is also an option for you. You can explore on your creative side and even use some old items that are on your dresser.

  • To make a belly ring, get a piece of dangling hoop earring. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove existing hook of your earring, as you will no longer need this.
  • You will need some eyelash adhesive, rhinestone stickers and eye-make up remover for this project. Prepare some beads to decorate your jewelry.
  • Apply a small amount of the adhesive on inner arch of your belly button. Eyelash adhesives are safe for skin contact as you usually use this to attach false eyelashes on your lids. Use your fingers to attach the dangle into your belly. Press gently onto the adhesive until the dangle sticks on your belly.
  • When the dangle is securely fixed onto your belly, it’s time to decorate and add more fun to your jewelry. Apply a small amount of adhesive above your belly button. Allow a small gap of about two centimeters from your navel. Affix a piece of bead on the adhesive. This will create an illusion of having a hook on your belly. Next, peel off the adhesive tape from the rhinestone sticker and place the sticker in between the bead and your navel. This will make an impression of two body-piercing rather than just one.
  • You can do the same steps if you wish to wear an eyebrow ring. Simple stick the dangling hoop onto your eyebrow and create the same illusions of having the hooks. Make sure that you use proportional dangles and beads.
  • Sport your no pierce body jewelry on your next night out. Taking it off is a lot easier than putting them on. Some eyelash adhesives are so easy to remove that you can simply peel them off. Do not attempt to peel them off if manually if you feel any kind of pain. You can apply some eye-makeup remover or oil on the area to make peeling off easier.

Keep your dangle and beads for your future use.


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